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10 Men’s Health Issues to Watch out for after 40

Hitting the big 40 has its ups and downs.  Reaching the 40-year mark is quite an accomplishment simply because so many people are not fortunate enough to reach this point of life.  Another big upside to the naughty forties is that you get to plan one of the biggest celebration parties of your life.  You are also more experienced than ever before, wiser than ever before and there are still plenty of fun milestones to look forward to. But the 40 sadly also has quite a few downsides. One of these downsides is that you are now entering a stage where you are vulnerable to a much greater variety of health issues.  It is important for men to watch out for health issues that pose a high risk because plenty of health issues can be dealt with or even prevented if they are detected early on.  Here are 10 men’s health issues that every 40 plus should constantly be on the lookout for;

10 Men’s Health Issues to Watch out for after 40
10 Men’s Health Issues to Watch out for after 40

Erectile dysfunction

As you age your body naturally stops producing hormones like human growth hormone, testosterone and much more.  The lack of testosterone levels and human growth hormone, as well as other factors, could easily result in erectile dysfunction.  The good news here is that ED is a pretty common issue which means that there are plenty of available remedies and medical treatments that can solve this problem.  Improve Man Hood is an amazing site that focuses specifically on ED and related problems.  You can definitely check out the site for all the latest and best remedies and treatments to help restore your body to its former glory.

Prostate cancer

This medical issue also becomes a big concern for men in their 40s and even for those in their late 30s.  Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK.  There is, however, a simple way for men to test for some prostate cancers.  All you have to do is use a pregnancy test.  A positive pregnancy test is a clear indicator that you need to get to your doctor asap.

Heart diseases

Men above the age of 45 have a much higher risk of heart disease.  It is good to start checking and monitoring your heart from the age of 40 so you can pick up on all of those small warning signs of heart disease before you start to suffer.


Hypertension or high blood pressure is also a big risk for all men above the age of 40.  As you age, your arteries become stiffer and other bad habits such as smoking or obesity can also increase the chances of hypertension.  It is important to monitor your blood pressure levels because strokes and heart attacks are two of the naughty cousins of hypertension.


If you haven’t been working out for the last decade then the chances are pretty good that you could have already developed type 2 diabetes.  Get a diabetes test and start living healthier by avoiding all of those sweet treats and by working out more often so you can avoid this tremendously common medical condition.

These are the top medical conditions that most 40+ males have to constantly keep an eye out for as they get older.  If you know the symptoms of these conditions then you will know when to start seeking help for your condition so you can stay healthy and fit for as long as possible.