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4 Health Benefits of Sleeping Under the Stars

Sleeping under the stars always sound so romantic.  But did you know that there are some health benefits to sleeping under the stars as well?  There are so many things that can affect your subconscious without you even realizing it and the right type of night light or starry sky, for that matter, is one of the things that have the biggest effects on your body and mind without you even realizing it.

4 Health Benefits of Sleeping Under the Stars

Overcome PTSD

Post-traumatic stress is absolutely terrible and one of the worst symptoms of this disorder is how it affects your sleep patterns.  Those with PTSD find it hard to sleep and when they do sleep their dreams are often terrorized with nightmares and they don’t stay asleep for long.   Researchers from the University of Michigan found that sleeping under the stars eases PTSD in war veterans and might just lighten the disorder in other trauma sufferers as well. 

Normalize your melatonin levels

Your body is quite delicate and the chemical balance of melatonin affects your sleep.  With the right chemical levels you fall asleep at the right time and you don’t feel as tired when you have to wake up again.  A starry sky can help you restore your natural melatonin levels and is terrific for giving your body a head’s up that it is time for bed so you will naturally start preparing for nap time.

Reduce stress

Marveling at stars can relax you and will reduce your stress levels dramatically.  The starry view also calms you down during night time and helps you forget about worries and troubles you experienced during the day so you can fall asleep easier and stay asleep for longer.

Reduce night fears

With the high crime rates everyone is afraid to sleep soundly at night.  Fearing that a robbery might take place in your home can cause a lot of sleepless nights and these fears aren’t good for your heart or health.  Stars help to calm down these fears for some reason.  Just take a quick peak up at the starry nights whenever you feel terrified and you will quickly feel a lot more relaxed because the out and open puts everything into perspective and light is always great for getting rid of fear.

Can a starry ceiling have the same effects?

While a starry ceiling probably won’t give you all the benefits of sleeping outside it certainly will have some benefit.  You probably won’t get the plenty of fresh air or the natural camping vibe when you gaze up at artificial stars on your ceiling but these artificial lights are beautiful and will give some benefits like reduced night terrors, reduced stress levels, normalized melatonin levels and can even help PSTD sufferers sleep better.

Some starry advice from Mommy is sleeping

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