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7 Ways You Become Healthier When Enjoying a Foot Spa

Are your feet aching after a long day on the job? Well then you are probably dying for a good foot spa.    There is nothing quite like a relaxing foot spa to help you reduce some tension after a stressful day.  Foot spas are amazing for maintaining beautiful, soft and crack free feet but foot spas are actually much more than just a beauty treatment that reduces stress.  Here are 7 ways you become healthier when you enjoy regular foot spa sessions.

7 Ways You Become Healthier When Enjoying a Foot Spa

Foot spa vs foot massage

Most people don’t really know what the difference is between a foot spa and a foot massage.  A foot spa involves soaking feet in warm water along with fragrances like scented oils or rubbing salts.  A massage involves applying pressure to certain parts of the feet to alleviate tension or to even reduce symptoms within the entire body since a lot of receptors are found in the feet.  If you are considering foot spa vs foot massage then it might be a good idea to learn more about the differences so you can find the best possible treatment for your aching feet.

7 ways you can be healthier with a foot spa

A foot spa can help you enjoy a much healthier life if you enjoy the spa sessions at the right times.  For example enjoy a foot spa after a stressful or tiring day, if you enjoy foot spas regularly after injury and more.  Here are the seven ways you can be healthier with foot soaking sessions;

  1. Foot spas reduce pain in the feet.

The foot has 26 bones, more than 20 muscles and 120 ligaments that all have to co-function smoothly throughout the day.  It is quite easy to understand that a lot of pain can occur when these bones, ligaments and muscles are constantly rubbing and stretching. The warm, bubbly water of a foot spa is wonderful for reducing pain in your feet especially since warm water has such tremendous soaking benefits.

  1. Manage headaches and migraines

A foot spa improves blood circulation, reduces stress and tension and relaxes which is great for relieving headaches and migraines.

  1. Greta for treating injuries

The warm water serves as terrific therapy treating ankle and foot injuries and can even prevent future injuries.

  1. Improved blood circulation

Bubbling foot spas are terrific for improving blood circulation throughout the feet and even through the body.

  1. Reduces mental conditions

The relaxing effect of a foot spa is terrific for reducing stress, depression and anxiety and is often a terrific treatment after a particular bad day or bad event.

  1. Control blood pressure levels

When you enjoy regular foot spa sessions you can control your blood pressure levels much better because the spa sessions lower blood pressure.

  1. Reduced PMS symptoms

A foot spa session is wonderful for treating PMS symptoms because it reduces stress, reduces pain, has a calming effect on your body and the bubbling stimulates receptors in your feet which reduces pain.

The great news is that foot spas can be enjoyed as frequently as you like because they don’t have any negative side effects to your body.  You can enjoy daily sessions, weekly sessions or spa sessions whenever you need relief.