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Biking’s Good for Your Health and So Much More

When we learned to ride bikes as kids it was like we’d been handed a superb amount of freedom. We could go where we wanted, so long as our parents were cool. We had the power to traverse busy intersections and visit our friends. Biking was the best thing out there. And yet, so many of us avoid its awesome value at this stage in our lives. But the truth remains, biking’s good for your health and so much more.

We want you to get more active and we understand that means that you’ll have to find the right bike for your needs. So, be sure to read: Hybrid Bike Ultimate Buying Guide before you make a purchase. Maybe you’re wondering what a hybrid bike is. Just imagine a traditional bike and a mountain bike in one. You’ll enjoy efficiency and comfort, leisure and ease. We don’t want bike riding to be difficult or painful, so hybrid bikes might be your best resource when choosing to get back on two wheels.

Biking’s Good for Your Health and So Much More

10 Benefits That Mean Something

Surely, we all know that biking is good for us but many of us are looking for more than that. You need to know 10 benefits that mean something if you’re going to get back on a bike. No problem. We’ve got those for you here:

  1. A relaxing bike ride is more calorically beneficial than a leisurely walk. You’ll burn 100+ more calories on a bike than you will when you’re out for a stroll.
  2. Biking is something to look forward to. You know you sometimes hate the workout routine. But, hopping on a bike and feeling that burn in your calves won’t become dreaded because there’s also the thrill of the wind on your face and the speed under your feet. It’s energizing.
  3. Biking can help you recover from injury. There’s research to show that cycling can help with knee pain and even osteoarthritis. Click here for more information.
  4. Cycling is excellent for your heart. If you’re active, daily, you can potentially see a 31 percent less chance of developing high blood pressure. Biking is a great way to provide that daily activity.
  5. Your joints will thank you. Well, they can’t talk, but biking is less damaging to them than other forms of exercise, like running. It’s a lower impact workout with high impact benefits.
  6. Cyclists are seeing some great improvements in their ability to ride. Bike lanes and paths are popping up all over the place making it much easier, and safer, to ride. In a ten-year period there’s been a 289% increase in cycling thanks to these changes. Learn more.
  7. Perception of cyclists is better than you’d imagine. A British survey revealed that survey respondents thought cyclists were 13% cooler and more intelligent than everyone else. And, believe it or not, 23% would prefer a cyclist as a blind date over other athletes.
  8. Weight loss is a great benefit of cycling. Women are particularly prone to benefit from biking when it’s added to dietary changes.
  9. Transportation via biking is an excellent alternative. It’s a green method of getting from point A to point B. It’s free, if you’ve got a bike, and its great exercise. What more could you want?
  10. They say it’s like riding a bike, whenever you have to remember how to do something. Biking is indeed something you’ll remember how to do all your life. You can do it after you retire as well!

If you still need additional reasons to hop on a bike, be sure to read this.