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Camping – The Healthiest Holiday There Is

Holiday trips usually mean plenty of lazy times, plenty of naps and plenty of takeaway foods and snacking.  It is almost impossible to stick to a healthy diet while you are on holiday and you aren’t very likely to work out on your luxury trip.  Just about everyone that enjoys a holiday come home with a few extra pounds and high stress levels after spending too much during the holiday trip.  If you want to stay healthy even on your holiday trip then perhaps it is time to switch to camping because camping is the healthiest holiday type there is.

Camping – The Healthiest Holiday There Is

Why camping is great for your health

Even camping can be unhealthy if you only sit by the campfire all day and night, lazy out in the tent or if you are snacking on sugary treats all day long, but this isn’t exactly ‘camping’, now are it?  Nope, true camping is an adventure in the wild where you enjoy new activities, explore new horizons and try new foods on the open flame.  Here are the main reasons why camping is mostly healthy;

  • Fresh air and natural scenery is always healthy and helps greatly with mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.
  • Camping greatly improves your social skills and is great for building stronger bonds with family and friends.
  • Camping involves a lot of exercise. You have to set up your camp, you can take long hikes, enjoy swimming, family games and much more all of which are terrific for managing weight and improving your cardiovascular system.
  • While you are catching a bit of sunlight you absorb plenty of Vitamin D which boosts your immune system, bones and teeth.
  • Camping reduces stress for two reasons. Firstly, you get a break from home and work stress and secondly camping isn’t nearly as expensive as most holidays which provides a much more relaxed vibe.
  • Of course you are going to prepare most of your meals on the open camp fire. Camping foods are much healthier than the take away snacks you usually order on other holidays. There is also no ice cream bar on a camping trip and camping snacks like nuts and dried fruit is incredibly healthy.
  • You get to enjoy plenty of new adventures on a camping trip which greatly boosts your experience and your confidentiality.

Start your camping collection with these must haves

So now that you have decided to enjoy camping from now on, it is probably time to start shopping for camping gear.  The great thing about camping gear is that you only have to buy it once since most camping gear will last you a lifetime.  Here are just a few must haves for your collection;

Hunting knife – It is hard to choose the right hunting knife and that is exactly why you should check out detailed reviews before investing in this ultimately useful and fantastic looking tool.

Tent – Camping is only healthy in you stay in a tent.  Caravanning isn’t really camping at all and that is why a good tent is a great addition to your collection.

Clothes – Outdoorsy clothes like baggy pants and hiking boots with a t-shirt is great for camping but for extreme campers, gym wear is much better because these outfits dry off quickly and insulate body temperature much better.

Lighting – A head lamp is the best type of light you can buy for your collection because you still have both hands free and light everywhere you look automatically.