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Creativity Positively Impacts Health

Perhaps you have noticed that when you are actively participating in some form of creative task, you feel better. That’s because creativity positively impacts your health. And, thankfully, there are so many ways for us to get creative with our time and resources. It doesn’t all have to be painting and jewelry making.

In fact, building things out of wood can be an excellent use of your creative imagination. You should learn more about tools for this endeavor and can help you pick the best reciprocal saw. That way you can start trying out some of those pallet crafts you’ve been perusing on Pinterest. In fact, you could even use one of those saws to build your kids a playhouse to help foster their own creative passions.

Creativity Positively Impacts Health
Creativity Positively Impacts Health

But, really, what kind of impact will all of this building and creative design have on your health? Certainly, that’s the pressing question. Just keep reading to discover the answer.

Creativity’s Effect on Your Health

In recent years, a good deal of effort has been focused on creativity’s effect on your health. In fact, researchers have found some astonishing results based on hospitalized patients. Here’s what they found:

  • Positive emotions are increased.
  • Stress and anxiety are decreased.
  • Occupational voids are filled by participation in creating art.
  • Art distracts illness focused thoughts.
  • Sense of well-being improved.
  • Negative emotions decreased.
  • Distress levels were reduced.
  • Positive identity, expressions of grief, and social networking improved.
  • Depression was reduced.

Keeping in mind that these studies were performed on those who had been hospitalized, it begs the question how otherwise healthy people can benefit. The truth is, we could all benefit from improved well-being and decreases in the realm of negative emotions. Learn more about this stuff.

So, what kinds of projects should we choose to involve ourselves in?

We could possibly write an entire article on all the beneficial art projects we could choose to involve ourselves in. The fact is, dancing, writing, singing, painting, and anything else you can think up is good for you. Yes, even those woodworking projects we mentioned at the beginning of the article. And, in case you need some additional ideas for that endeavor, click this.

Regardless, creating artistic pieces in any form generates mental and physical benefits. They become a tangible way of expressing yourself. They give you something you can share with the world upon completion. Art is a great outlet for this social media driven, way too technologically-connected world. Consider how much of your time is wasted consuming these forms of information.

But, if you step away from the onslaught, you will have an opportunity to produce something instead of simply “liking” it. Contribution instead of consumption can be an empowering position to take. It really doesn’t matter what the finished project looks like to anyone else. The fact is, you will feel good knowing that it didn’t, and wouldn’t have ever, exist(ed) without you.

So, next time you’re tempted to logon to your daily dose of social media nonsense, take a step back. Consider your health. Grab a pen and some paper, sit under a tree and write, or sketch what you see. Or, if you prefer, simply put on your iPod and give into the music that moves your soul: dance! You will certainly feel better for it. Read this.