Canada is one of the few countries with the economic, institutional, and scientific capacity to make a difference in local and global HIV/AIDS efforts. We still have much to do. It is only with the support of Canada’s private sector that CANFAR can persevere in the fight against AIDS.

How your foundation can help

CANFAR is fortunate to have generous foundation partners who support our mandate to fund AIDS research. These partners play an important role by sponsoring events, funding awareness programs and vital research.

Why Partner with CANFAR?

  • CANFAR has a national presence through our support of Canadian researchers and our national public awareness programs. We currently fund innovative research in every province and territory, and our in-school awareness program reaches more than 1,000 Canadian middle schools and high schools every year.
  • AIDS is the most significant problem of our century. Its scourge has caused the loss of generations, and its impact is felt in political, economic and social fields. Twenty five years into the pandemic, the need for a vaccine has never been more pressing.
  • The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research is the only national organization in Canada which specifically supports Canadian AIDS research and researchers.