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Fund Your Diet and Workout Program with These Alternative Income Sources

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done.  A lot of obese and unhealthy people suffer because they do not have access to health resources.  Why don’t they have access when there are so many gyms and weight management solutions available?  Well because it costs a lot of money to stay healthy.  Healthy foods are a lot more expensive and labor intensive because there are no takeaway shops that do in fact sell health foods.  You have to make most of these foods yourself.  Healthy drinks are a nightmare because your options are to either drink water or…water simply because most fruit juices contain so much added sugars and artificial flavorings and preservatives.  The few health drinks that are available are incredibly pricy.  And we are not even going to talk about the cost of gym gear, gym memberships and we are especially not going to mention the cost of a personal trainer.

Losing weight isn’t easy.  You have to follow the right program and you have to combine exercise, a healthy diet and health supplements for effective results.  Those with obesity problems can even look into medical weight loss or weight loss supplements to boost results.

There is no affordable or cheap way to lose weight and to improve your health.

But luckily there are now more ways than ever before for you to earn extra cash on the sideline so you can fund a healthier lifestyle.  Up next we are going to discuss a few very lucrative extra income sources to help you afford that gym membership.

Fund Your Diet and Workout Program with These Alternative Income Sources

Start trading calendar spreads

This form of stock investments is not the easiest to understand but can be incredibly lucrative especially since it doesn’t require much of your time and no hand labor.  The strategy involves purchasing long term options whilst selling an equal number of shorter term options equivalents of the same strikes.  Calendar spread makes money through time decay and volatility options.

Online freelancing jobs

This way of making money involves quite a lot of work and most freelancers are paid per work project or per hour.  You can give freelancing websites a try and apply for jobs like writing, graphic design, programming and much more.

Matched betting

This can also be seen as gambling but is still quite a good way to earn some extra money – if you are lucky.  Match betting involves betting on the outcome of popular sports matches and the bets can be quite accurate since software gives you good outcome projections.

Become a fitness blogger

Of course it could be great if you could make money for fitness products by creating a fitness blogs.  There are different ways to make money from a fitness blog.  You could review products, promote and advertise on your blog, earn from conversions to other fitness sites from your blog but in order to be successful you will need a lot of blog traffic and you might have to become a fitness influencer yourself before you will achieve success.