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Gross Germs That Live In Your Carpet and Mattress Right Now

So you have taken your multivitamins strictly for the past few months, stayed warm during winter and cool during summer, avoided public places and eaten as healthy as possible and still struggle with poor health?  Well, perhaps your sickness is linked to something much smaller, microscopic even.  Perhaps the true cause to your illness is a silent invader in your home that you never even knew was there.  Carpets, beds and upholstery are the perfect hiding place for gross germs that cannot wait to claw onto you the moment you sit or lie down and you probably have no idea that these nasty invaders are there because these nasty germs don’t leave any sign that they are living amongst or even on you.

Gross Germs That Live In Your Carpet and Mattress Right Now

Germs that share your home

It is important to know a thing or two about your germs so you will know what symptoms to look for and so you can find out what the best ways are for you to exterminate these germs.  Here are the top germs that are probably luring in your home as you read this. 

Staphylococcus aureus – This round shaped germ is extremely resilient to penicillin and is known to hide away in the fibers of carpets, mattresses and upholstery.  They are most commonly found in the homes of active and seemingly healthy people because they hide away in the gyms.  When you come home from your workout they will spread from your clothing, gym bag or shoes to your home. When the germ starts to affect your body it can hide away in your system for years and affect your immune system after which it can result in rashes, fever and even death.

Campylobacter – This germ is more dangerous in winter because it flourishes in dampness.  Those with low immune systems are most vulnerable to this germ that can result in death. 

Norovirus – This germ also love to hide in dusty areas in your home and causes the same symptoms as food poisoning or stomach flu. 

Fungi and Mold – This is probably the most common found germ in your home and mostly result in allergies.  Fungi and Mold also has a lot of sub-species that are commonly found inside your bed. 

Micrococcus Micrococcus also loves to hide away in your bed and carpets and can cause terrible skin infections, septic shock and even meningitis.

The best way to eliminate or manage germs

There is no way to completely eliminate germs in your home because everything around you, everything you touch and even your own body contains some germs.  The important thing is to manage these germs as best as possible and to try to avoid the most terrible germs that can cause life threatening diseases.  The best way to keep your home germ free is by spring cleaning your home regularly. is a website where you can find the best cleaning company in Fort Wayne.  They have specialized cleaning gear and use the best cleaning products that will eliminate most germs in your upholstery, carpets and bed so can combat nasty germs as best possible.  The best way to enjoy a clean home is by spring cleaning at least once every six months.