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Health Hazards of The Smart Phone!

The modern world has come up with a contraption that seems to solve most problems for most of the folks; the smart phone. The smart phone is a cellular phone that just got smarter. Artificial intelligence and access to the internet any place and at any time allow its users to enjoy convenience on the palm of their hand. You can read books, use it as a pedometer, and if you go on vacation, you no longer need to carry a camera because your phone has a high-resolution camera that takes exceptional pictures. The little device seems to be a growing necessity and addiction that people think cannot live without.

Health Hazards of The Smart Phone!

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Meanwhile, smart phones are not only helping you tracks your health activities to make you live a long life, but they are also one of the leading causes of health damage. Check out how your smart phone can damage your physical and mental health in various ways.

  1. Disturbed sleeping patterns:

An access use of smartphones makes you addicted to them. Hence, you will find visible changes in your sleeping habits. Allowing yourself to use your device for just a few more minutes is compromising on the time you will get while sleeping. A bad sleeping pattern is a primary cause of heart attacks, weight gain, and many other diseases.

  1. Neck and back problems:

Constantly looking down on your device ruins your body posture. Instead of standing straight, you will realise that you start to slouch a little. A bad posture can cause spinal disk problems and nervous system problems. While you use your smart phone, you subconsciously arrange your position by it instead of the other way round.

  1. Addiction and withdrawal:

Scientific study shows that staring at a screen makes it an addiction equivalent to drugs. An addiction of the screen makes you think that you cannot spend time without staring at it. The problems prevail when you have to keep it away from you. Take for instance a meeting; you have to shut off or keep your phone on the side; however, you will subconsciously be thinking about the notifications that you may have had. An experiment involved keeping students away from their gadgets for 24 hours. The results concluded that students started suffering from physical and mental distress, confusion, and irritation.

  1. Nerve damaging:

Believe it or not, your smartphone has the power to damage your nerves and cause major diseases like paralysis and other nervous system problems. The nerves of your system are affected by the harmful rays the device produces, and they have a permanent glitch in them. Diseases include headaches, migraines, and even epilepsy.  Moreover, they work to weaken your brain.