How Karen Salmansohn Can Improve Your Mental Health and Sanity

Everyone has a little bit of crazy in them.  It is all right to be a little bit insane and to go a bit crazy every now and then.  It is also all right to have some down days where you struggle to master a smile and it is ok to feel like your job and life sometimes just isn’t enough.  But when these negative or crazy feelings start to take over your life then it is time to start looking for some improvement or help.  Depression and negativity is dangerous and contagious and will eventually drive you completely bonkers if you don’t get the help you need.  Not everyone can afford a psychologist whenever they reach a rough path in life but you can still get all the effective assistance you need by getting more familiar with works by Karen Salmansohn.

How Karen Salmansohn Can Improve Your Mental Health and Sanity

Read daily quotes by Karen Salmansohn

A quote a day can help you fight off a lot of depressive thoughts before they even start.  Karen Salmansohn’s quotes are practical, useful and often hilarious.  By reading one of her quotes each morning with a cup of coffee you will get the positive spike you need that will help you take on each day with new energy.

Keep a diary created especially for positivity

Journaling is great therapy that you can do affordably and from anywhere.  Karen Salmansohn’s Instant Happy Journal is just what you need to channel negative thoughts and to help you feel better about yourself.  The journal is lined with motivational quotes and scientific studies that are sure to help change your negative line of thinking into positive thoughts.

Read some of her works for a healthier mind

This fantastic author sold more than 1 million books already.  Her books are mostly created to guide you through tough times and to help you become a happier person without having to spend a fortune on anti-depression medications or shrinks.    Some of the top reads that you simply must give a try to cure your sole are;

The Bounce Back Book – This great little book is filled with great advice on how to get over some of life’s most serious losses and curveballs such as breakups, illnesses, job losses and much more.  The book is filled with life-changing tips that are sure to help you deal with these drastic situations so you can still be a happy and sane little person no matter how tough life gets.

How to be Happy, Dammit – This self-help book is fantastic for people who find it hard to be happy in life. The book is sure to make you feel better, you are sure to get the occasional laugh and you will feel absolutely wonderful once you read it.

Get some Quickie Stickies

A book is great for improving your sole but unfortunately you can easily forget what you read once the book is done with.  Quickie Stickies created by Karen Salmansohn is a collection of 100 notes, funnies, quotes and more that you can randomly stick anywhere and everywhere you go so you can be motivated throughout the day.