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How to Deal With Fears and Phobia

It is normal for every human to have a certain fear or phobia. Problem is most people don’t deal deep into the matter and hence they cannot do some things due to fear or phobia. Most of the time, fears and phobias are rooted into the subconscious and hence you have to reach the subconscious to deal with it.  There are however many other ways of dealing with fears and phobias, different ways work for different people. It also depends with the severity of the fear or phobia; mild cases are easy to deal with. Some of the ways of dealing with fears and phobias include:


Even though it is not so popular, it is growing in popularity and many people claim it is a very effective way of dealing with fear and phobia. Hypnosis helps you to get into your subconscious and know the root of your phobia hence you can be phobia free with hypnosis. Once the root is known, the subconscious is then reprogrammed so that you can change your perceptions on the situations that may trigger fear. Studies suggest that we have certain fears or phobia since we associate a certain feeling with a situation. Hypnosis helps to change that feeling since it gets to the root of the problem and deals with it.

How to Deal With Fears and Phobia

Facing and mindfulness

This also operates like hypnosis in a way but slightly different. It incorporates breathing in and emphasizes on connection with ourselves. That helps to identify sources of fear and how to deal with it. Through mindfulness we are more aware of ourselves and factors that trigger our behaviors.

Talking about it

Talking about our fears is in a way dealing with it. Not only will it make us feel better but it can also help us find a solution to the problem in the process. The person we are talking to may suggest a solution or by talking the mind may develop a solution which can help us break from our fears or phobia.

Doing what you fear

Yes you heard me right; one of the ways of dealing with fears is going against the odds and doing what we fear. Once we do what we fear or we have phobia about, then the cycle of fear is broken and we will not have that phobia again. For example if you are afraid of heights, do sky diving, you will not fear heights again. It only takes the first step to forever deal with our phobia.


Self-reward has a way of motivating our brain to do more hence can be a motivation to break from fear. You can introduce where you do a self-reward every time you do an act of breaking away from fear. Treat yourself to what makes you happy and your brain will be motivated to even do more and with time you will be completely free from the fear or phobia. However don’t forget the basics such as having a healthy lifestyle which involves a good sleep and balanced diet.