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How to Drink and Stay Healthy

When it comes to drinking alcohol there are the good and the bad. A regular bottle of beer contains roughly 150 calories and we all know once we start, we can easily consume 3-5 bottles in one go. That’s quite a lot of calories. Not only that but alcohol also  the risk of intoxication, it impairs the regulation of hormones in the body, and is void of nutrients. As much as alcohol may aid in helping you manage stress, it tolls your body. So it is important that you take some measures as far as drinking goes to ensure you stay healthy.

Drink in moderation

If you must have beer then it is important that you drink in moderation. Rather than having it 4-5 times a week, identify specific days that you will drink and tone it down to 1-2 days in a week. When you do drink, don’t go all out and drink 5-6 bottles, have one or two then give yourself sometime and drink one more. If you do decide to drink more than once a week, make sure there is a gap between the days you decide to drink.

You need to be smart about drinking, if you know you have a party on the weekend and you will drink a lot then you should take precaution and not drink throughout the week.

Drink healthy

There is such a thing as drinking healthy, well sort of. Some form of alcohol can actually prove to be good for your body. Red wine has been known to be beneficial for the heart and a glass only packs about 5 grams of carbs. Yes, you won’t find red wine in at a party but margaritas are another decent alternative. If you must have beer then you can go for light beer which is slightly better than regular.

You also want to avoid any mixed drinks especially those that have cold drinks. These are loaded with sugar and pack quite a lot of calories.

Workout regularly

Unless you aim to have a beer belly, it is important you get the proper workout in. Drinking is inevitable for most of us so it is important that we keep ourselves active to help burn off the extra calories. Make it a habit to work out everyday after you have a night out and drink. Be sure to add some cardio in also. Alcohol when inside the body burns faster than other fat. This means that when you consume alcohol it will burn before any of the other fat does in your body so you may have to work out a little harder to burn extra calories.

It is important that when you drink, you ensure you do not drive afterwards. DUI is a punishable crime and leads to hundred of deaths every year. If you are in the Kansas City area and need a DUI lawyer then Kansas City DUI lawyer is a great choice. But the first option should be not to drive after drinking and stay safe.