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How to Protect Yourself and Your Family Against Home Invasion

Home invasion is one of those threats that many homeowners fear the most. During an invasion, it isn’t just theft that happens. Many home invasions lead to assault, injury, and worse, death. Unfortunately, it is something that the society cannot completely eradicate. Burglars are just about everywhere. According to statistics, over 8,000 home invasions happen every day in North America alone. But of course, there are steps that you can take to avoid yourself and family becoming a victim of this dangerous crime. And some of them are the following:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. One of the many mistakes of homeowners is that they leave their valuables – cars, jewelry, and gadgets – unattended and openly visible to others. Keep in mind that no matter how safe you think your surroundings might be, it’s still not a good idea to put your valuables in places where other people can see them. Simple mistake like this provides temptation and opportunity for unscrupulous individuals. It’s also important to pay attention to what’s happening around you, particularly when you’re walking or travelling alone.
  • Know your neighborhood. If you don’t know everyone who lives on your street, then start knowing them now. This will help you determine when something is out of place or wrong. You should learn their lifestyle patterns, what cars they drive, and the estimate number of people living in your area. Jogging and walking with a dog are a fantastic way to meet your neighborhood and know them. Just be aware about giving information. To be safe, don’t let them know too much about you.
  • Don’t open your door. There are no rules saying that you should quickly open your door once someone knocks or rings your bell. Home invaders sometimes pretend as a salesperson, a repairman, or someone who is distressed and needs a shelter. Before you open the door, ask first who is knocking, or you can also use your peephole to identify the person on the other side. If you don’t know or trust the person, do not open the door; talk through the door instead and ask what the person needs.
  • Do not share your security plans with others. Another safety step that you should follow is to never discuss your security plans with other people, particularly with people who are not part of your family. Some people may potentially use this information against you, or may accidentally share it with others. So whatever security plans you have – anything from keys to security codes and alarms to hidden cameras – don’t tell it to others.
  • Install a high-end security system. And finally, install a security system, as much as possible, with an alarm, camera, and lock. Call a near me locksmith in your area to help you with your home and family security needs.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family Against Home Invasion

As what experts say, “We all have a responsibility to be safe.” So take charge of your safety, and follow these simple steps to help you protect yourself, your family, and your home.

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