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SMSF is the short term for Self Managed Super Funds. Sometimes, it is also called the DIY or Do it Yourself Super Funds. Such kind of investment is a retirement fund available in Australia. It is the same as the self managed superannuation fund where the SMSFs invest the contribution given by its members. It also gives benefits to the members whenever they retire and also gives the beneficiaries with death benefits in case there is a death of the member.

If there is one main difference of SMSF and the other superannuation funds, it would be the members of the SMSF are also its trustees. It is also referred as the directors of a corporate trustee. It implies that they need to plan and execute the investment strategy for their fund, manage payment benefits and accept contributions. Read more at

Self Managed Superannuation Fund

There is a broader choice of investment for SMSF as compared to the other super funds. There is an option to make direct property, direct shares and investment management.

The SMSF members need to appoint the approved auditors. They also need to select the accountants, tax agents, administrators and financial advisors. Even so, the utmost legal job for the compliance of the fund would be under its individual trustees.

SMSF requirements:

  • The sole reason why SMSF is maintained should only be for retirement purposes of the members.
  • The members of the SMSF should be limited to five members.
  • Each of the members is also the trustee.
  • For single member SMSF, there is a need to appoint a company as its trustee or there should be another person to act as individual trustee.
  • Unless the members or trustees are associated, it is not allowed for the fund member to be an employee of a different member of the fund.
  • It is not allowed for the fund trustee to receive compensation of any kind for the services as being a trustee.
  • It is fine for the SMSF to give financial assistance or lend money to its member.
  • An asset cannot be acquired by the SMSF from a fund member or other related person to the trustees. There is an exception with managed funds, business real property and listed shares.
  • It is not allowed for the SMSF to borrow. Some limited exceptions are applied.
  • It is required for the trustees to set out the objectives of the funds as well as the formulation of strategy for the investment. All of such must be in written form and must be reviewed on a regular basis. With such, it can be ensured that the objectives will be fulfilled.

SMSF advantages:

  • There is higher control over the funds for retirement as well as its way to be invested.
  • There is a wider choice for investment as opposed to funds that are offered publicly.
  • It is possible for the SMSF to be moved from generation to generation.
  • It can manage to pay for the opportunities of benefit payments as well as estate planning.

Protein shakes have been all the rage in the fitness world for some time now, and it's not hard to figure out why. The more you work out, the more protein you will need, but even those with the best diet plans can find themselves struggling to get enough protein in.checkout more detailed information at

The importance of protein and the benefits of protein shakes

Out of the three main macronutrients(protein, carbohydrates and fat), protein is definitely the most important of them. Protein is the only nutrient that won't promote fat gain and will, instead, promote lean mass in your body. A protein deficit in one's diet can have very detrimental effects on their workout, so proper intake on a daily basis is integral to getting results.

Protein is found mainly in different types of meat, like chicken or beef, as well as fish and eggs. However, many of these types of meats as well as eggs can also have a lot of fat, which might make you put on the type of mass you don't want. Protein shakes, however, tend to be pure protein without any carbs or fat, which lets you plan out your diet much more effectively.

Why it's not just men who need protein

Male athletes and any male who works out in general always place their focus on heavy protein intake. It's sometimes considered a guy thing, because protein leads to muscle, and muscles tend to be thought of as a masculine feature. Unfortunately, this leads many women towards thinking they don't need protein despite working out, or that taking in too much protein will give them too many muscles – both are very untrue.

While women don't need as many grams of protein as men due to their lesser weight and muscle mass, they need to ingest protein regularly every bit as much as men do. Women's fitness without enough protein will be a tedious affair in which the woman finds she isn't getting results and isn't able to work out nearly as hard as she'd like.visit this website to get latest updates!

Moreover, there is no way for increased protein intake to lead to bulging muscles in women. Women with masculine physiques almost always take anabolic steroids – simply supplementing your diet with protein can only lead to a lean yet feminine and attractive look, not to mention promoting your overall health and well-being. So, regardless of your gender, never shy away from relying on protein shakes to give your health and fitness a boost.

protein shakes for women

If you have been working out and eating just about anything you can think of, it's more than likely you're faced with some amount of protein deficiency. Those engaging in regular and challenging exercise often need as much as twice the protein as the average person, and getting this purely through diet can not only be difficult but also expensive. Going for a protein supplement with which you can make pre or post-workout shakes might actually end up saving you money in the long run, to speak nothing of the beneficial effect it will have on your body.

Obesity is a major issue in the modern world, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, more and more people are leaning towards packing some extra weight and therefore finding themselves at risk of disease. If you think you are in this unfortunate and ever-expanding group of people, calculating your BMI will let you know where you stand.

Knowing your BMI

The Body Mass Index, or BMI, is an useful and widely-accepted tool to evaluate the fitness of one's body. More specifically, the BMI assesses whether the person's weight is where they should be at, or if lifestyle changes are in order.

BMI is calculated by combining a person's height and weight, and generally doesn't differentiate between men and women. The easiest way to find out your BMI is to find an online calculator – it will instantly let you know whether you are carrying an appropriate amount of body mass.need more details? go straight from the source.

When calculating your BMI, you will need to know your exact height and weight. Make sure not to use any false data here, as having a poor BMI score can be quite detrimental to a person's health.

There are 4 groups of people based on their BMI score: underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. Needless to say, you will want to be as close to the middle of the normal weight number as possible, which is somewhere between 18 and 25. Anything under 18 is considered underweight, and should mean the person increases their food intake.

Anything over 25 is considered overweight – many people fall into this group due to a lack of attention paid to their diet and a lack of exercise. While somewhat concerning, it's still not as bad as the obese group, wherein the BMI exceeds 30. People in this group are at immediate health risk and can't afford to wait before adopting a regimen of exercise.

BMI and your body type

While BMI will be effective to evaluate the majority of people, there are still those of us who might not benefit as much from it. The main point is that BMI doesn't differentiate between mass that is unhealthy fat tissue and mass that is lean, or muscle mass. It's common for some athletes like bodybuilders to have an obese BMI while having less bodily fat than someone who scored normal. Obviously, BMI score can't apply to them.

However, these people are the extreme minority, and if you exceed 25 BMI without a lifetime of exercise, it's pretty much a given your body isn't in a good place.

healthy BMI

There's also something to be said about body types and bone structure. Some of us have larger bones and bigger frames, not always translating into an increased height. This means that someone can be more severely overweight or obese than another person with the same BMI purely based on their bodily structure.learn the whole situation at

While the points above stand true, they shouldn't be used as an excuse if your BMI scores poorly. A careful diet plan and moderate amounts of exercise should be a part of everyone's life, regardless of how comfortable they feel with their own weight.

Most people engaging in serious exercise know that the right supplementation can mean the difference between success and failure. Sometimes, the food we eat can't provide us all the appropriate chemicals we need to recover and grow even if our diet is good, and this stands especially true for those with a knack for strenuous exercise. Therefore, we took the time to list the 5 best supplements to take before your workout to maintain appropriate energy levels and let your body recover.check this article to get going.

The top 5 supplements

JYM Pre Jym Pre Workout: This is a pre-workout supplement by renowned bodybuilder Jim Stoppani, who is also a PhD with a great knowledge of nutrition. His credentials definitely instill faith in anyone considering the use of his products, and Pre Jym Pre Workout is the latest of his inventions.

This supplement is mainly taken to provide users with a „kick“ or a rush of energy around 20 minutes after ingestion, which then allows them to exercise much harder. A key component of this supplement is the well-known natural supplement creatine – if you'd like to take creatine in a purer form, you should check out reviews of products to find out the best creatine manufacturers.

Musclepharm Assault: A pre-workout supplement loved primarily by bodybuilders and weight lifters in general, Assault nevertheless sees use by anyone looking to receive a considerable boost before their workout. Some consider this supplement to be the best one you can take before a workout, and the reasons are clear – with a delicate combination of amino acids, creatine and stimulants, this supplement will go a long way towards increasing your endurance, and you might find yourself surprised by how much exercise you can get in during a single session.

Cellulor C4 Extreme: Another pre-workout supplement that makes its way into the daily diet of many serious athlete, Cellulor's absorption is said to be on a much higher level than that of its competitors. Energy and focus are the name of the game here, and thanks to its speedy delivery of nitrate into your system – a key chemical that promotes muscle growth and endurance – you can expect noticeable results fairly soon.

Betancourt Bullnox Androrush: Probably more than any other supplement on this list, Bullnox boosts natural testosterone production in both men and women. It's fairly well-established that an increase in testosterone directly leads to better workouts, more results and increased muscle gain, and Bullnox might be one of the few supplements that can successfully accomplish this.

Pro Supps Mr. Hyde: While the name alludes to Dr. Jekyll's hulking monster, this supplement won't turn you into one – it's popular with both male and female athletes. Unlike some supplement, this one focuses primarily on energy gain, providing the user with a rush that can even be too much for some, so only take this if you feel like you need a hardcore kick. continue reading at

pre workout supplements

Experimenting with different supplements

Every person is different and will therefore react to different supplementation in their own ways. What works really well for your friends or gym buddies might not have such a great effect on your body, so don't be afraid to experiment until you find the right addition to your workout.
Once you have achieved this, it will be smooth sailing from there on as you will have an affordable and healthy way to increase your workout results regularly.