Research Grants

It is only through research that a long term, sustainable solution to the AIDS pandemic, now gripping the world, will be found. That is why CANFAR exists. Our role in funding research is particularly vital, given that Canada is one of a handful of countries with the brain-trust, infrastructure and resources to make a significant difference in the global fight against AIDS.

CANFAR awards research grants into all aspects of HIV infection and AIDS, including clinical, biological and social sciences related to:

  • fundamental and applied research
  • education and prevention
  • psycho-social
  • community research, and care

Research grants are awarded at two levels: level one up to $80,000 each year for a two year period; and level two up to $25,000 for one year. So far, CANFAR has awarded grants totaling over $13 million to Canadian research projects. In 2005-2006 CANFAR awarded $1.17 million to 22 research projects nationwide.”