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Scientific Ways to Reduce Stress

If we’re being honest, we would probably all admit that our biggest health malady is stress. And, since stress can invoke a plethora of symptomology it is easy to blame it on pretty much anything that ails you. So, how do we break free of its bondage? Well, we can start with scientific ways to reduce stress.

Since we’re being honest, money and debt are probably the key culprits adding to our dosage of daily stress. If you are in debt you are probably in need of a list of debt consolidation companies. Getting all your financial obligations broken down into one monthly payment will certainly decrease your stress.

You won’t have to worry which payments need to get made on certain dates because they will all be consolidated into one single bill. We bet that will take a good deal of stress off you. But, that’s not necessarily scientific, however, the rest of the stress reduction options on this list are.

Scientific Ways to Reduce Stress

15 Exceptional Ways to Reduce Your Stress Right Now

Our desire for immediate answers and instant gratification is no doubt linked to some of our feelings of stress. So, it’s no wonder that you would be reading a piece about 15 exceptional ways to reduce stress right now. After all, you want it gone and you want it gone immediately. Look no further for your answers:

  1. Progressive Relaxation- Tense and release every muscle from your fingers to your toes. Start with each muscle group and once you’ve gotten through them all you should feel considerably more relaxed.
  2. Meditate or Pray- Enjoy the peace that comes with talking to the One who can ease all your stress. Learn more.
  3. Deep Breathing- Taking deep breaths lowers cortisol levels reducing anxiety and stress.
  4. Aromatherapy- Lavender has shown, consistently, to reduce stress levels when inhaled.
  5. Listen to Music- There’s lots of research on the benefits of listening to music.
  6. Laugh- Believe it or not, laughter can actually reduce stress’ physical symptomology, like mental and physical fatigue.
  7. Black Tea- Drinking black tea is another way to reduce cortisol levels and thereby improve stress conditions.
  8. Exercise- We all hate that answer, but endorphins are great ways to cut out stress.
  9. Get Faith- Joining a faith-based community has been proven to reduce stress levels. And, you’ll be less likely to experience the mental illnesses that are often associated with stress. Learn more about faith here.
  10. Chew Gum- Chewing gum does more than freshen your breath, the act of chewing it actually reduces those pesky cortisol levels we’ve been talking about.
  11. Schedule a Massage- Massages can do more for you than alleviate the pain you are experiencing, they can also help you fight stress and improve your body image.
  12. Take a Nap- It may seem a bit infantile, but napping also reduces cortisol.
  13. Hug Someone- Hugging doesn’t just feel good, it is good for you. It can reduce blood pressure and stress.
  14. Art- Creating something is a great avenue to reduce your stress based behaviors and symptoms.
  15. Write- Writing about your life in a daily journal offers benefits similar to meditation and prayer when it comes to reducing stress.

Hopefully, you have found some great tips here, but if you are looking for more advice, click this.