Shelters for Single Mothers: Restore Your Health and Wellbeing

All that parents want to do is give their child the best start in life! Food, shelter, water, love and support; everything a child needs to thrive, be healthy and be happy in life. Single parents have it even harder! One paycheck to last the month, one person to do everyone all at once, things can easily become overwhelming.

So it's a saddening when you cannot give one of those things, in this case a warm home to come back to each day. Staying with family and friends may be a temporary solution but your ultimate goal is a house of your own you and your children can call 'home'. Finding a suitable home is imperative to your family’s physical health as well as mental and emotional wellbeing, a consistent place to call home does wonders for your feeling of safety and security.

Shelters for Single Mothers: Restore Your Health and Wellbeing

If you're experiencing homelessness and need a shelter for single mothers to stay at in-between staying with family and friends there are plenty of government initiatives and charities that can help you. What people fail to realize is how homelessness and pulling your hair out trying to find suitable accommodation can affect your health, not just physical but mentally.

The problem with government assistance to homeless families is they'll want to establish how you got homeless and whether or not it was 'intentional' (by their standards) or not and whether or not you have family and friends that could put you up. So it's important to keep your expectation in check.

The response isn't immediate, you may have to wait over the weekends for a delayed response and then wait several business days for an evaluation and then temporary shelter and nothing is guaranteed at the end of it.

Emergency Solutions Grants

The first government program to check out is the Emergency Solutions Grants Program. This is specifically aimed at people who've found themselves homeless with children.

The page has been moved from the Homeless and Urban Development government portal site (HUD) and so you have to check the hub exchange instead for up to date information on what homeless services HUD offers in your area.

Use the clickable map to select the state you reside in to be bought to another page with all the programs and initiatives operating in your area.

The Bridge of Hope is another initiative that runs in the US targeting homeless single parents and moms. Use the interactive map to locate the nearest center near you and drop in or give them a call to see what kind of services they offer in your area and if they can help alleviate your problem.

As suggested on the webpage if there are no centers in your state or nearby that you can attend and assess your options consider handing out a flier for the organization to your local church or charity and see what they can implement in the future for homeless single parents.

If you cannot find government assistance and need help urgently try asking local charities and churches on the ground. Check out charities like the Salvation Army that has programs for the homeless as well as low income families. Also try American Red Cross who has similar initiatives available.

We hope the options above present you with suitable programs to get you and your family off the streets, the best piece of advice we can give is to keep morale high but expectations in check.