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Lots of free time crops up on weekends or through lifestyle changes such as retirement, career changes, or having the kids away. Your free time needs to be filled with something productive because it would increase your energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and sense of fulfillment from life. When you are engaged in these type of things, your mind keeps fresh, and you are less likely to confront the mental issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. Spend your spare time on yourself and let it be to the best of your health if you would not like to summon bad things for you.

Five Healthy Ways to Kill Time
Five Healthy Ways to Kill Time

Read some ideas here and the list is divided into several categories, to make it easy for you to scan it and to get the best out of your free time:

Do not do the things that invite stress:

Do not let your prosaic activities creep into your free time if to really want to get refreshed. Your free time should not include regular chores, answering your work calls, emails, or messages, watching TV, playing with electronics. Separate these activities from free time. Set aside the time for such stuff.

Discover new things:

Bring out the dimensions of yourself and step beyond your comfort zone. Make your free time a journey of self-discovery. This would help you grow and broaden your awareness. Try the things you always wanted to do but couldn’t. This could be something you wished to do in your childhood. Do something that is adventurous and excites you. Learn a new language, write a book, short play, or story. Learn dancing, cooking, baking or anything you like.

Learn a new hobby:

Gain something you don’t already know, or you can get to know the new dimensions of your current hobby. If your hobby is photography, you can try making albums. That would also be helpful if you pursue photography as your career. You would need an album design software to get a layout for your album. ‘Moments’ is the app that has numerous features and lot of templates. The enable you to create a professional looking collection. This tool is just great to make wedding albums, collages or even coffee table magazines.

The procedure in this application is pretty simple. You do not really require any editing knowledge. You select from the various styles and add the pictures of your choice. Take the trial version if you are not sure it could work for you. Trail version is same as the updated paid version. You are also benefited by their option of refunding. Yes, you heard it right. Use the paid version, if you do not get what you sought for, ask for a refund by sending an email. This offer is only applicable if you claim a refund within 30 days of its purchase.


You finally have gotten time; you can give something back to community or society. Look for the volunteer opportunities through people who already are doing volunteer work or search it online. There are various volunteer pages where you can be a part of some cause. You can gain knowledge, expertise, and good reputation in society. You can raise funds, join a conversation crew, volunteer overseas, make things for people in need, or run some activities in club’s museum. You will surely enjoy it as this kind of work gives a sense of self-satisfaction.


Give yourself the space to wind down. Sit silently for 20 minutes and breathe. Concentrate and count your breaths. Meditation helps you bring positivity to your life. It results in calmness, more concentration and focus and a better understanding of life. You will start feeling the difference once you start meditation.