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It probably comes as a huge surprise that there are some that believe that baby monitors aren’t a good investment. Some experts claim that the thermal effect can negatively affect your baby but I think every parent ever agrees that the health benefits of a baby monitor stems far beyond simply being able to hear when your little one is awake.  A baby monitor isn’t just bliss in a home; it can also affect the health of both parents and babies positively in more than one way.

How Baby Monitors Improves the Health of both Parents and Babies

Baby monitors save lives

Most parents use their monitors so they can check in to see if baby is still napping but these monitors can also save lives.  Some models come with heartrate trackers and will sound alarm if the baby is no longer breathing.  Your monitor is also tremendously helpful in listening for chocking noises and can even save your child from kidnapping when you can hear a stranger in the room.

Baby monitors reduce stress

Now that we have stated the obvious health benefits of baby monitors, let’s talk about other health benefits.  The biggest health benefit is that the monitors are terrific for reducing stress.  Parents can sleep better when they know they will be able to hear their little one, they can enjoy themselves more while baby takes a nap and your baby also endures far less stress because he or she can enjoy undisturbed sleep time without any annoying checkups.

Improved flexibility and functionality for parents

It’s hard to get things done with your little one awake and constant baby checkups can really cut into your time.  With a baby monitor, mom and dad can get to other tasks or even attend to personal health like their fitness.

Combat baby diseases with a monitor

If you are a parent then you probably know just how tough it is to have a winter barbecue.  You are either stuck inside with the kids while everyone else is having a blast outside or you end up taking constant trips to the bedroom to check on them while they nap. The only alternative is to have your tiny baby take a nap beside you out in the chilly air so you can keep an eye on him or her and that is exactly where a baby monitor combats disease.  Your little one can enjoy undisturbed sleep inside the bedroom while everyone is having fun outside in the chilly evening air.  Small children aren’t exposed to cold air and diseases because they are safely tucked in inside their beds.

How to spot the best baby monitor

With all these terrific health benefits you probably cannot wait to get your hands on your first baby monitor for your little one but how do you choose when there are so many different options?  Baby Monitors Reviewed is the perfect website to check out to find the perfect baby monitor.  The baby monitor reviews will give you information on all the pro’s, con’s and features of each and every baby monitor available and you will get great guidance towards finding the best possible monitor for your needs.