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It is no secret that a lot of beauty products have some terribly unhealthy ingredients that can have a terrible effect on your body.  Some hair dye products have been known to contribute to hair loss and thinning.  Some nail products have had catastrophic results for women who ended up with ruined nail beds and some tanning methods can cause skin cancer.  It is important to be as healthy as you possibly can when you use beauty productsor methods and to research the methods and products as thoroughly as you can before you start using them.

The Healthiest Ways to Be More Beautiful

The healthy way to tan

Tanned skin can do a lot for your overall look.  You will look and feel more confident in dresses and you will use much less makeup and concealers because tanned skin greatly reduces the visibility of uneven skin tones and scarring.  Sun tanning can cause terrible diseases like skin cancer and should be avoided at all times.  The healthiest way to get a great tan is to do a tanning bed session or get your very own tanning bed at home.  It is important to also get tanning bed lotions to help protect your skin against the UV rays that the bulbs emit and to reduce the amount of tanning sessions that are needed.  Overall there are some fantastic health benefits to tanning beds such as;

  • Higher energy levels
  • Greater confidence
  • Higher levels of Vitamin D in your skin
  • Reduced depression

Visit to get the best advice on all the tanning methods that are on the market, to find the best tanning beds and tanning bed lotions and so you can enjoy the best tips and tricks for the best tanned results.

Go for natural hair color

Hair dyes can be harmful to your scalp and could leave some people with thinned hair and perhaps even bold spots.  It might be wise and fun to finally start embracing your natural hair color and get a good haircut that suits your natural hair.  A lot of women have started embracing their natural greys and still look fantastic due to a nice and edgy haircut.


Exercising is one of the best ways to be more beautiful.  Your body will be firmer and you will look much better in skinny jeans and tank tops.  A fit body will overshadow any amount of makeup and beauty products that you usually use.  Working out is also great for your body and heart and is the best way to be healthier and to lengthen your life.

Eat healthy

Your skin has a lot to do with your natural beauty.  You should try and adapt to a healthier diet so your skin will look better and more glowing.  Healthy eating also has great benefits to your body and hair.  Your energy levels will be improved, constipation and bloating will be reduced and you will look and feel so much better.

Find natural beauty products

You should try and ditch all your chemical rich beauty products and find products that will actually improve your skin, for instance, try BB creams instead of concealers and use natural shampoos.