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It is true, having sex can be good for your health. People have always suspected it but this time, you will know its real benefits. The information you will learn may prompt you to enjoy this activity more and it will allow you to bond with the person that you love.

Facilitating bonding with the person that you love will allow you to get to know your partner better. Your relationship will become deeper and stronger. It will help you understand your partner and your partner will feel the same towards you.

The Health Benefits of Sex
The Health Benefits of Sex

It will help if you know the proper ways and the different tips that will make sex more pleasurable for you and the one that you love. You can check out so you will gain more information about the act of making love. It will allow you and your partner to keep the fire burning for a long period of time.

These are some of the health benefits of sex that you should know:

  1. It will help strengthen and improve your immune system.

Do you know that those who are sexually active do not have to take a lot of sick leaves often? This is because their immune system is working well in fighting various diseases. It will help your body’s defense improve so you do not normally get sick. People who have sex about once or twice a week will have a stronger immune system than those who do not have sex at all.

  1. You can improve your overall bladder control.

This is a benefit that is more prominent on women who do not want to have urinary accidents. It can be hard to control your urine from time to time but those who engage in sex more often have stronger pelvic floor muscles that can help them control their bladder better. Sex allows the pelvic floor muscles to contract and in the process, they become stronger.

  1. You can lower your blood pressure.

Do you know that sex can actually lower your blood pressure? This is contrary to what people believe in. Some people assume that high blood pressure is associated to sex. There are a lot of studies that prove that engaging in sex more often will help regulate your blood pressure. Take note that masturbation will not give the same effect.

  1. Sex can be a form of exercise.

This is not the same as using your stationary bike but every minute of sex allows you to burn about 5 calories. This is okay especially if you are not fond of doing a lot of physical activities. You can make the sex longer by doing different things that will make the sex even more enjoyable than before. Sex can also increase your heart rate which in turn, can also increase your metabolism.

  1. It can help lower the risk of heart attack.

One of the reasons for heart attack is the imbalance of some of your body’s hormones. Having regular sex can help regulate the number of hormones that you have in your body. Remember that having sex is good for your heart.

With all of these things that you have learned about sex, you will probably feel more enthusiastic about engaging in the act with your partner.