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It is common knowledge that terrible work situations and work stress can affect your personal health. If you are unhappy in your work situation you could start experiencing serious changes in your physical health and the longer you wait to change your career the harder it will get.

Consider Becoming a CPA for Career Happiness

Signs that you should change your career

  • You are reluctant to do anything. This includes tasks around the house, visiting friends, going out or partaking in any activity
  • Your constantly messing things up. Even the smallest of tasks become a great mess because you aren’t focused
  • You’re always tired. No one likes to get up early for work but you are tired from the moment you wake till the moment you lay your head back down on that pillow
  • You are thinking about walking out on everything and everyone. Work is taking too much of your life and you fail in building personal relationships with friends and family
  • You are depressed and find it hard to lighten up. You’re also extremely sensitive to comments
  • You’re experiencing physical symptoms like hair loss, skin breakouts, weight loss or gain, reduced appetite or over eating and anxiety

Why become a CPA?

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) is a great career to pursue because it is so high in demand and offers a great salary. All businesses and even individuals require the assistance of a CPA because they do the following duties;

  • Maintain finance records
  • Government and financial audits
  • Oversee budgets
  • Financial management & planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxes
  • Financial recommendations and predictions
  • Budget and cost controlling

The great part about a career that is high in demand is that you are very likely to get a good salary and you can simply leave if you are unsatisfied with the way your current company or boss is treating you.

How to become a CPA

Wiley CPAexcel review course is a very popular course used by the public who wish to become accountants. The course is of high quality and will help you pass the CPA exams effortlessly. This fantastic online course is designed to help busy individuals or part time students. You can pursue your CPA career without quitting your present job because you can study from the comfort of your home at any hour that is convenient to you.

What the CPA course includes

You only need about 30 minutes a day to master the learning sessions. The course includes 110 video lectures where you will learn all there is to know about accounting. There are 12000 multiple questions to help you perfect your examination skills. 600 task simulations and you can download video lectures to your hard drive so you can learn offline in break times. The CPAexel app will enable you to practice accounting on your phone anywhere you go. How long the course will take will depend on you. The faster you are able to learn and the more time you will can set aside for studying, the quicker you will become a proficient in accounting.