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Chainsaws might be handy but they sure are scary.  The sound of a chainsaw alone is enough to send a chill down your spine.  But what is ultimately scary is how easy accidents can happen with this power tool.  One single slip and you can say goodbye to a number of fingers, an arm or even a leg.  It is no wonder that movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was such a huge hit in 1974 and again in 2013.  Just the thought of getting chopped by a chainsaw is ultimately terrifying.  But the fear does not rule out the fact that these are some of the most handy power tools out there.  They are terrific for cutting up wood, for construction tasks and for tree removal.  It is also entirely possible to be completely safe and sound when using one of these dangerous tools if you stick to these safety and health tips.

Safety and Health Tips for Working with a Chainsaw

Safety gear is a must

Safety gear has saved a lot of lives and limbs in the hand labor sector and is an absolute must if you are using a chainsaw.  Safety gear protects your body against flying objects and reduces the damage sustained during accidents.  Chain Cutting is a terrific review site that you can check out right now for the best information on high quality safety gear.  And here is a list of must haves for manning a chain saw;

Chainsaw safety gloves – These gloves will protect against cuts and most of these gloves use anti-vibration technology that protects your joints while you are working with a chain saw for a long time. 

Safety helmets – A chainsaw safety helmet is also a must.  These hardhat helmets will protect your head against falling trees and stumps and they helmets are fashioned with ear and eye protectors. 

Chainsaw chaps – The last thing you want to do is chop your leg off but you should also protect your legs from the ricocheting wood chips by wearing chainsaw chaps.

Go for a course

Any power tool can be terribly dangerous if you don’t know how to handle it correctly and chainsaws are some of the most dangerous power tools out there.  It might be good to go for a course where you can learn how to properly man a chainsaw and how to cut trees and other objects without putting yourself at risk.

Watch your posture

Bad posture is linked to numerous terrible health conditions.  If you are using a chainsaw for long periods of time you really do need to mind your posture.  Yes, these saws can be heavy and cutting does require you to bend over most of the time but every chainsaw operator should do his best to maintain good posture for as long as possible.

Strong muscles means fewer accidents

With a strong back and arms you can wield a chainsaw much better.  It might be a great idea to start working out as regularly as possible and to focus on bodybuilding exercises that focuses on your arms, back, torso and stomach muscles so you can be as safe as possible while using this dangerous power tool.