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When it comes to cooking with pressure cookers, many people consider it to be an unhealthy approach to cooking. The fact that you cook at such high temperature, using high pressure, that can’t be good for the nutrients plus it can be quite dangerous. So we decided to look into whether the meals you cook in a pressure cooker are healthy or not.

Studies backed results

You can find studies online that actually prove that cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker will allow you to get more out of the nutrients from them. A study was conducted with spinach and amaranth. In the study, both were cooked with a pressure cooker and the result showed that through the process you vegetables preserved more beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. Another study that observed the effect of a pressure cooker on broccoli showed that through the process 90% of the vitamin C in broccoli remained. When you compare that to boiling it is almost 30% more vitamin C.

Do Pressure Cookers Make Healthy Meals?
Do Pressure Cookers Make Healthy Meals?

How does it work?

Well, you basically reduce the time of cooking with a pressure cooker. You see, if you were to boil or steam vegetables, you would need to cook them for a longer time. The more time you spend cooking it, the more nutrients are lost. With a pressure cooker, you expose the vegetable to higher temperatures but do it for a smaller amount of time which allows the nutrients to remain. The temperature doesn’t matter too much, time is more important when it comes to nutrients being lost.

Another benefit to cooking with a pressure cooker is the fact that you don’t expose the food to water much. The steam and pressure do most the cooking. When you boil vegetables, a lot of the nutrient is lost to the water. With a pressure cooker, you don’t expose the food to water so the nutrients remain. Pressure cookers also help in reducing lectins and phytic acid inside legumes and grains which make them easy to digest.

So overall, pressure cookers are a more healthy approach to cooking. They help keep the important nutrients intact so when you digest the food, the nutrients reach you. If you don’t already have a pressure cooker and are thinking of getting one, we recommend you try the Cuisinart pressure cooker. It will surely be all you need to get a healthier you.