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Ever since the advent of technology in our lives, life has become more and more efficient. The good thing about technology is the fact that every single day, it is evolving and getting better. This way, life seems to become more and more bearable, and we can do certain things with little effort, or using less energy. In this article, we are going to look at how technology has made life more efficient and connected.

How Technology is Making Our Work Lives More Efficient and Connected

At Work, Technology is All About Connections

Below are some of the ways that technology has impacted the workplace:

  • E-mail
  • Instant Messaging (with or without video)
  • E-calendars
  • Webinars
  • Cloud Computing

People are able to communicate with each other in real-time, no matter what part of the globe they're in. communication is now on a whole other level.

Technology Reduces Workplace Clutter

Nowadays offices don’t have to keep a heap of paper files that eat up a lot of space. There are clouds that are much safer places to store the companies’ documents. Information can also be stored in hard drives and external drives.

Technology Boosts Productivity

Technology brings out more productivity in people. With things like cloud computing enable people to easily access files stored in clouds without wasting time in a heap of files. Features like Dropbox, amongst others, enable people to store and share files online. People can also update information on the go, since technology is extremely mobile.

The Tool Report

We would now to take a look at This is a website that showcases some of the things that technology can do.

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Soft-Toe Work Boot Review

Technology pretty much affects everything, and in this case, it involves shoes. If you're looking to buy a good pair of shoes, you could easily be spoiled for choice. That is because of all the brands that are available. The best way to figure out the shoe that is right for you would be to go online in the comfort of your home and review. In this case, The Tool Report is showcasing the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6″ Soft-Toe Work Boot Review, comfortable work boots that you might want to consider. You wouldn’t want to go to work in an uncomfortable pair of boots that are not even durable.

Spy on A Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone

The mSpy app is yet another technological advancement for spying on cell phones, that you would never have thought of before technology. Below are some of the things that this app can do:

  • monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • see the full contact list of the target phone
  • view sent and received SMS text messages
  • view chats from Whatsapp
  • view their browsing history
  • calendar events and notes

The Juki MO654DE Portable Serger

This is a sewing machine that uses some of the latest technologies to ease the work of sewing. The review for this sewing machine is on The Tool Report, and you'll be impressed by the features. Some of the features include:

  • 2/3/4 Thread serger with automatic rolled hem
  • Color coded threading breakaway looper external adjustment for stitch length and differential feed
  • Powerful knife system with dedicated drive mechanism
  • Sews light to heavy weight fabric
  • Safety Switch machine will not run when swing cover is open

Shopify e-Commerce Platform

Shopify is an e-commerce platform, where people can buy and sell goods online. People can sell anything, from electronics to household furniture. In short, it is a platform where you can create and manage an online shop with no online programming skills. It comes with several themes that one can choose from, depending on how they would like their shop to look.

EGO Power+ 56V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

This is a rechargeable mower, and it comes with the features below:

  • 0Ah, 5.0Ah and 7.5Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Kits Available
  • Rapid Charger Included in Kits
  • 20” Cut Capacity: Cut More Grass in Less Time
  • True 3-In-1 Function: Superior Mulching, Rear Bagging and Side Discharge Performance
  • LED Headlights: Allow for Mowing Anytime
  • 600W, High-Torque, Magnetic Motor
  • 5 Year Tool Warranty
  • 3 Year Battery Warranty (Kits Only)

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

The Hobart Handler 140 is an easy to set up compact welder that is extremely versatile, used in household repairs amongst other things. Below are the features, although more details can be seen on The Tool Report website:

  • Welds 24 gauge to 1/4-inch mild steel
  • Operates off 115-volt household current
  • 25 - 140 amps
  • Industrial cast aluminum drive system
  • Designed and assembled in Troy, OH USA

Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder

The Hobart Handler 190 is a powerful and portable welder used for welding mild steel, flux core steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Below are the features of this welder:

  • Welds 24 gauge up to 5/16-inch mild steel
  • Operates off 230-volt input power
  • 7 voltage settings for fine control and improved arc performance
  • 25 to 190 output amperage
  • Duty cycle – 30% at 130 amps
  • Dual groove, quick change drive roll
  • Durable cast aluminum feed head with quick-release drive roll lever
  • Weighs 79 lbs.
  • Manufacturers Limited Warranty
  • Designed and assembled in Troy, Ohio USA

Highster Mobile Spy App

Still on cell phone monitoring apps, the Highster Mobile Spy App is yet another one. It can handle the following tasks:

  • Text messages (old & deleted)
  • iMessages (history & deleted)
  • Calls
  • Photos & Videos (old & deleted)
  • Emails (old & deleted)
  • Browser history (old & deleted)
  • GPS location (old & deleted)
  • Block Applications
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and others)
  • All installed & running apps
  • Remote un-install
  • Remotely lock phone
  • Remote camera control
  • GPS on command
  • Search alerts


As you can see, technology has come a long way in making work and life in general, easier for us all. Feel free to embrace it, but don’t misuse it or it could bring you trouble.