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When you think of your next big and exciting fishing trip your health is probably the last thing on your mind, right?  Well, don’t feel too bad.  Most people put all manners, health goals and planning on hold during these fun trips but sadly a lot of people suffer for the worse when they come back from fishing expeditions.  This is especially true to those with medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity because fishing trips is usually associated with a lot of lazy afternoons, delicious fatty snacks and lots of sugary and alcoholic drinks.  Here are five ways to be healthier on your next big fishing trip without seeping all of the fun from your adventure.

5 Ways to Be Healthier On Fishing Trips

Do more during your trip

Fishing trips involve a lot of sitting especially since some fishing reels are designed to warn you whenever something is nibbling at your bait.  These fishing reels enable you to sit, relax, chat with friends or even take a nap while you fish.  Not much activity at all, right?  Well, one way to be healthier during your next trip is to stand up while fishing and to plan more extra activities.  Try taking plenty of scenic hikes, include an extra adventure like climbing or include swimming expeditions in your trip.

Plan healthier meals

One of the biggest unhealthy factors to fishing trip is those unhealthy, calorie loaded meals.  Instead of eating unhealthy foods you can try healthier alternatives that still taste great.  For example; try frying your catch of the day instead of buying fattening sausages for the grill.  Switch your fries for a healthy side salad and give a fruit salad a try instead of a sweet pudding.

Buy healthier snacks

Snacking is only natural during a fishing trip but doesn’t have to be unhealthy at all. Nuts, fruits, dried fruits, berries and seeds are all healthy snack alternatives so you can remain healthier on your trip.  A fruit cup or veggie cup with some dip can also be a great tasting snack that won’t result in extra pounds at all.

Watch what you drink

Drinks are often the biggest culprit for weight gain during fishing trips.  Alcohol is great for creating a relaxed vibe during trips and holidays but these tasty treats are mostly loaded with lots of sugar.  Try switching over to healthier drinks like water or even fruit juices so you can boost your immune system, improve your skin and become healthier during the trip.

Enjoy plenty of nap times

It is important to get plenty of sleep every night but sadly most adults today find it hard to fit six hours of sleep into their nights because work is so demanding and insomnia or work stress greatly affects sleep quality.  A fishing trip is the perfect time to catch up on some rest.  Get to bed early and enjoy mid-day naps or even a few winks beside the fishing waters.  Your body will absolutely love you for the extra bit of relax time.