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The difference between kids of the twenty-first century and the children before them is, nowadays, kids have no interest in outdoor games. Yes, they would play football but only in video games. Children that were born in the 90s were not technologically advanced when compared to the present generation, but they did have many outdoor and indoor activities to keep them active. This technological advantage of children is turning out to be harmful to their physical and mental well-being.

Security is one of the reasons why your kids can’t play outside, but it is not an excuse to let them stay glued to their iPad screens all day. Adult supervision is the best solution for kids who want to play outdoor games. According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, we all have psychic energy inside of us, and we need to find healthy ways to sublimate that energy otherwise it will become a danger to us. Therefore, it is your obligation to keep your child active and show them there is a real world which is much more fun than any virtual reality. Following are the best three sports to keep your kid active and engaged:

Slowpitch Softball

  • Softball:

Softball and baseball are similar, but the latter is played with a small ball while the former requires a big ball. Another difference is, softball fields are smaller than baseball fields. This sport has a lot of female players but that doesn’t mean a boy can’t play it; sports has no gender. It is named softball because, in the beginning, the ball used to be soft.

This sport is very beneficial for your kid; it provides total body condition because it works numerous body muscles when the player swing, runs, field, and throw the ball. It doesn’t let your kid get fat and is an efficient way to burn calories since an average softball player burns two hundred calories by a single hour of practice. Because the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and arms play a significant role in throwing and swinging the ball, therefore, it is good for chest and upper body development. The gear needed to play softball includes a softball, a bat, gloves, and protective equipment. For beginners, slow-pitched softball is the ideal way to start, learn more about slowpitch softball bats. You can review numerous softball bats and get to know the best ones before buying. Demarini CF8, Eastern and Worth 2 Legit are examples of top-notch bats. You can read an entire blog related to softball bats to find out every information you require.

  • Basketball:

If your son/daughter loves to watch Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, or LeBron James play in NBA games, then basketball might be their calling. To play basketball, you won’t need much sports gear, just a basket and a ball to shoot. Moreover, this sport doesn’t require much maintenance you can just install a hoop in your driveway, and start playing. In addition to that, if you child is taller than average then they have an advantage in this game.

Basketball is a more rigorous sport than softball because it requires dribbling the ball while running constantly and dodging other players. Therefore, it burns calories faster than a softball. It builds endurance, teaches your kids teamwork and builds their self-esteem. Basketball also improves the balance and muscle coordination in your young one.

  • Swimming:

Swimming is both, an individual and a team sport. It is a low-maintenance sport and requires only a pool filled with water. You can even swim in open water (such as lakes and sea), but that is for professional swimmers because of the possibility of drowning. Swimming is one of the best exercises as it makes the movement of arms and legs to move your body through water. You can be your kid’s swimming partner since it is a recreational activity for people of all ages. This sport is the only cardiovascular exercise during which your kids won't sweat.