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Whenever you feel concerned about your health you will consider the things that you need to start doing.  “I need to start working out”, “I need to sleep more”, “I need to start eating healthier” are just a few of the many things you immediately consider doing to get healthier. But sometimes less can be more.  Sometimes the key to improved health is to stop doing some daily habits that are affecting your health negatively.  Here are the top 10 daily habits that you need to stop doing for improved health.

10 Daily Habits That Affects Your Health Negatively

  1. Stop with the bad posture

It only takes a little bit of extra effort to sit up straight, walk upright and to mind good posture yet bad posture is one of the daily habits that just about every person has.  Better posture is superb for improving so many health issues like improving back pain, neck pain, improving blood circulation, improving your mood, improving digestion, improving jaw disorders and much more.  Bad posture is without a doubt one of the first bad habits to quit right now.

  1. Stop smoking

Of course this is another terrible daily habit with terrible long term effects.  Smoking kills off brain cells, deprives your mind of oxygen, causes bad breath, bad skin and bad teeth and can result in cancer.

  1. Stop consuming sugar

Sugar has been linked to a decrease in IQ levels and causes a lot of malfunctions in your immune system.  If you want to be happier and more energetic then sugar is one big habit to avoid.

  1. Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is terrible for all organs, for your skin and dehydrates your body. But there is a fine line between good alcohol and bad alcohol.  Red wine, for example has been found to promote heart health.

  1. Stop watching too much TV

Television is terrible for your weight because you aren’t moving around nearly enough while enjoying some TV entertainment.  But TV is also terrible for your social and mental health because the visuals you receive overpopulates your thoughts which results in fatigue, disorientation and a withdrawal from social interaction since the TV already fulfilled your social cravings.

  1. Stop taking too much salt

Salt is terrible for your health.  In fact children can literally die by consuming too much salt.  Too much salt is also a habit to avoid because it results in many health issues.

  1. Stop overthinking

Thinking too much is terrible for your health.  It is terrible for stress levels and terrible for taking on new challenges.  For example, if you think about dieting you immediately feel hungry… stop thinking too much about what should be done.

  1. Stop spending time on social media

Social media is terrible for your health because the entire media have been designed to promote products by making you feel bad about yourself.

  1. Stop competing your lifestyle

Competitiveness has its advantages but when competing your lifestyle to others you will only feel depressed.  Instead of competing rather be happy with what you have and start focusing on enhancing what you have.

  1. Stop too much makeup

Everyone wants to look great but too much makeup can damage your skin.  Cosmetics are designed to be used in moderation.  When overused, these cosmetics smother your skin and load your body with even more toxins which results in worsening skin problems.