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There is an old saying, “an ounce of prevention can be worth pounds of care.” To maintain a healthy lifestyle you have to change a few things in your life. A healthy lifestyle is not only related to the food you eat or the air your breath. It is connected to each sphere of your life. The air conditioners you use, the kind of cooking oil used in your house, the area you live in or the type of house you live in.

Do's and Don'ts of A Healthy Lifestyle
Do's and Don'ts of A Healthy Lifestyle

All parents strive to give their children the healthiest lifestyle, but they lack in small things, which can end up as serious things in the future. Some of the preventive measures you can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle are:

Avoid Saturated fats:

Saturated fats are the bad kind of fats that cause the cholesterol levels of your body rise, which accumulates in your arteries. Apart from this, they cause weight gain and joint problems. The heart attack rate in youngsters has risen up to 57.1 percent. The main cause of this upsurge is the increased amount of saturated fats in the food.

Add More Greens to your life:

This is not only about adding more vegetables to your food intake, but it also means you should increase your interaction with Mother Nature.

Adding more vegetables to your diet will help you remove toxins from your body and revive your energy. Going out of camping in the mountains or going on family outings to the park will help you release stress and toxins. Stress comes even before bad diet and smoking in ruining your health. It is the main cause of all disease and all bad habits. Therefore, by adding more greens to your life, you can release stress and enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

Avoid carbonated drinks:

Carbonated drinks are the main cause of weak bones, joints, and even teeth. Thus, avoiding these is necessary. Carbonated drinks have made a place in our lives. They are a part of our daily meals, there are hardly any families who have banned the use of carbonated drinks in their home, but it is high time that we start avoiding these to make our and our children’s lives healthy.

Get a Sustainable, Eco-friendly house:

Have you ever thought why is there so much hype about going sustainable and having everything eco-friendly? This is because the things that are not eco-friendly are not human-friendly. They might not have short-term effects, but the definitely have long-term effects on you and your health.

The paints, cement, bricks and other things used in your house while construction undergoes outgassing with time and environmental changes. Unknowingly you are inhaling all the chemical gases which can cause different problems in your health.

This is why you should try to use wood and other sustainable material in your house. Wood is quite expensive, but you can at least lower the effects of chemicals by avoiding processed products as much as possible.

Wooden houses can assist you to lead a healthy life and a warm environment in your house. They have low maintenance costs as well as the use of chemicals is minimal. Wooden houses are acquiring popularity day by day due to its sustainability and good looks. Timber is the most popular kind of wood used in the construction of houses. The timber frame house plans can help you get the exact type of frame you require. They consist of timber support pillars that help to make the house frame complex and stylish by keeping the structural support on point. Visit the timber frame house plans to find the type of frames they have.

It is commonly thought that men do not usually care about their hygiene. In most cases, “how to shave” is the only formal lesson men get related to their hygiene but we see this changing in today’s era. There has been a 40% growth in the men hygiene and skin care industry from 2013 to 2017.

A good hygiene not only washes off the potentially dangerous bacteria away but also gives you a good feeling about yourself. It helps you feel fresh and confident at all times. There are a few things that help men maintain a good hygiene at all times. Items men should own for a healthy life are:

Essential Items Men Should Own for A Healthy Lifestyle

Body wash:

Every person has a specific skin type and produces a different amount of sweat with a unique body odor. So it is necessary for you to own a body wash that is fit for your specific skin type and helps you get rid of the sour body odor.

Dental Floss:

A good oral hygiene is not only necessary for your health but also for your confidence. If you have a foul breath, the people around you automatically start feeling bad about being with you. Moreover, it can cause a number of health problems. Hence, a dental floss is something you should definitely own.


Apart from owning a good body wash it is necessary for you to own a good antiperspirant which helps you reduce the amount of sweat your body produces as well as it helps to fight body odor. They help temporarily blocks your pores so that you do not have sweaty underarms.

Electric Shaver:

Going to the barber every time you need to shave your beard, give your beard a new look or even groom yourself can be a hassle. On average a person has to groom himself once or twice in two weeks, while if you have a clean shave, you need to remove your facial hair every second day if not every day. Doing this by yourself using manual razors can end up very messy. Since electric shavers have hit the market grooming at home has become very easy. There are a great variety of choices in the market from which you can choose. Some of the best electric shavers present in the market are:

  • Braun Series 5 5090cc:

This razor is not hard in the pocket, but at the same time, it has features that are comparable to the high-end electric shavers.

It is a cordless electric shaver in red and black color. Some of the best features of the shaver are:

  1. It is completely waterproof.
  2. It has FlexMotionTec which means that its heat can be automatically as well as manually adjusted.
  3. It has a cleaning station in it which simultaneously cleans and charges the device once you are done the shaving.
  4. Once fully charged you can shave non-stop for 45 minutes
  • Philips Norelco 2100:

This is the cheapest cordless shaver by Philips. Its features are very basic. Philips Norelco 2100 comes in a black color with one dark blue slash and green LED light. Some of its prominent features are:

  1. It has a three-head rotatory unit that moves in four directions.
  2. While completely charged it gives you 35 minutes of non-stop shaving.
  3. Its cleaning system is very efficient, with one button you can flip open the top piece and wash it to remove the shaved hair.

Con: One disadvantage that this razor has is that it does not give you a very clean, closely cut shave.

  • Braun Series 9-9095cc:

This electric shaver is comparatively expensive to the shavers already mentioned, but it is definitely worth it according to its features. The features that give this shaver its premium status are:

  1. Almost all premium razors have floating blades, but this one allows you to lock it in five different positions.
  2. Combs are fit near the razors which lift the hair so that you get a clean and closely cut shave.
  3. It has a very efficient cleaning and charging station.

It comes with a cleaning brush and a traveling pouch.

A lot of people want to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Yet, for a few people, the prospect of getting to the gym, changing their way of living and investing a considerable measure of energy working out appears to be excessively overwhelming.

Why not set sensible objectives that you be able to effortlessly achieve? These tips may not transform you into a strong long distance runner, but rather they'll show signs of improvement over time and will move you towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Way to a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Tip 1: Walk each day

You don’t need to bother with an exercise machine, an arrangement of weights, or the most recent Brazilian super exercise DVD to show signs of improvement in your body. Simply get out and walk. Of activities known, strolling is among the most beneficial. It reinforces the legs, enhances course, gives strength to the heart, diminishes stretch, burns calories, enhances absorption, upgrades capacity, and gives you a chance to get outside. We’re not talking about walking on a treadmill in your lounge room, yet proper walking outside.

In case you're not a walker, begin with only one mile for each day. That is just 5,280 feet. You can without much of a stretch walk a mile in fifteen minutes. Would you be able to save fifteen minutes for every day for better wellness and prosperity? Beyond any doubt you can. In case you're a walker, set aside the ideal opportunity for at least two miles for each day. No exceptional hardware is required, only a couple of shoes and a place to walk.

Obviously if you can’t go out, either because you don’t have the time or because you live in an unsafe area (there could be a thousand reasons) - you should purchase an elliptical machine for your house. There are thousands of elliptical machines to choose from, so it all comes down to finding the one that gives the best performance and also suits you the best. If you want to know more about the best ones that are out there and can contribute to your health and fitness, check out

Tip 2: Drink water

Keep in mind that drinking water is important. That is H2O – the essential material that makes up our bodies. We are roughly 75 to 80 percent water, and we require it to live. Drinking soft drinks can decimate your wellbeing, add to diabetes and corpulence and destroy absorption. Alleged diet soft drinks are just as terrible and add nothing of benefit to your body. Six to eight glasses of water for every day will hydrate you, enhance your skin, upgrade absorption, help end, and help your body to free itself of aggregated poisons. So when you're parched, drink water.

What's more, not 'plastic water' either. Plastic water bottles contain the poison bisphenyl A, which filters into the water. Most faucet water in Canada is new and clean, and cheap. Why pay more for a jug of water than you accomplish for a practically identical measure of gas?

Tip 3: An apple a day

Remember the proverb, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" It's really precise. Incidentally apples are enormously high in useful anti-oxidants which shield the cells of your body from untimely decimation. The pectin in apples adds mass to processing and serves to enormously upgrade intestinal area. Apples contain regular sugars and are preferable for you over a caffeinated drink or a piece of candy. Besides, apples contain truly necessary vitamins and minerals.

Nursing is considered one of the most in demand professions in today’s age. And this is one of the primary reasons why more students now are pursuing careers in this field, looking for nursing assistant training, LPN training, and other nursing training programs. No matter what part you play a role in the healthcare field, whether you’re a nurse, an assistant nurse, or a nurse aid, you’re considered a very important member of the industry.

Nurses protect their patients, provide them what they need to improve their health, care for them, and encourage them to make healthy life choices. And since they are considered as protectors and lifesavers, they are expected to have healthy lifestyles, as well. But unfortunately, this is not the case all the time. It’s true that some nurses don’t practice what they preach. At the end of a long shift of performing their work and taking care of others, they sometimes forget that they, too, should take the best care of themselves.

Healthy Lifestyle Nurses

But keep in mind that having irregular shift work and facing multiple stressors are not an excuse to forget your own health. There are a lot of nurses out there that are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite working on long schedules and caring for patients with serious illness. The truth is, you can always include healthy habits in your life no matter how busy you are. Of course, you have to be willing to do some work for yourself to achieve it. Here’s how to get started:

Include exercise in your daily/weekly routine.

Since nurses have various work schedules, finding time to exercise is really a challenge. But it shouldn’t be that always hard. Staying fit doesn’t require much of time and energy. Just allocating a few minutes of your time for working out daily, or at least a few times a week, can already do a miracle. Early in the morning before you go to work, take a few minute jog around your area. Sweat a little and you’ll feel good. You’ll also want to mix up your workouts to keep your body and mind challenged, such as strength training and aerobics. And to make your workout more enjoyable, try to exercise with friends.

Follow a healthy diet plan.

Just like exercising, eating healthily is another big challenge for nurses primarily because of their schedule. But again, good nutrition is something that all of us can always incorporate into our daily routine, as long as we’re committed to becoming healthy. Here are some tips how:

  • Always eat breakfast. No matter how busy your schedule for the day, don’t ever miss your breakfast. As you know, it’s the most important meal of the day, and you’ll need it for energy. Well, you don’t necessarily have to cook a heavy meal; if you’re really always on a hurry, eat something that is easy and quick to prepare, like oatmeal with fruits, eggs with cheese, or whole-grain bread with tomato, ham, and cheese.
  • Bring healthy snacks with you all the time. When you’re working on a busy shift, it’s easy to be tempted and make the wrong food choices. So to make sure that you’ll not reach any unhealthy snacks out there, it’s a good idea to prepare your own food at home and bring it with you at work. For lunch, you can prepare easy and healthy meals like cheese and tomato sandwich, tuna wrap, Mediterranean burger, and seafood spaghetti. And never leave home without an energy bar, a yogurt, or a pack of nuts.