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In this age and time, life seems impossible without a cell phone, a laptop, or any other internet device. These devices allow you to get entertained by playing games whenever you want. Not only the kids, but also you would also see adults totally lost in a game.

It is said that this digital technology can have harmful effects on your health. It does, but you can bring positives uses out of this like playing brain-training games that help to sharpen your memory and prevent cognitive diseases. You will find the list of some brain-training games below.

Healthy Brain: Top Brain-Training Games for The Memory
Healthy Brain: Top Brain-Training Games for The Memory


You can have this game on your iOS or Android mobile phone. You will have access to a set of interesting puzzled and games in Dakim. Solving these brainteasers will give your brain a complete workout. You will find more than 100 different brain exercises that need your attention and concentration to do them successfully. Doing these mental tasks helps you enhance your concentration level even in other jobs and prevent Alzheimer’s and related symptoms.

Clever mind:

This game is a bit different from other brain-training games because this is designed with the view to help people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s. When you are suffering from this disease, you need something more than just a mental exercise. This game provides the feature like social, medical, and dietary tools. You also have a digital assistant to make things easy to read. This is only available in iOS App Store.

Fit Brains Trainer:

Do you want to improve your memory, focus, and brain speed? This app can help you in this. You can access 300+ games and puzzles when you have ‘fit brains trainer’ on your cell phone. The brain workout does not end with this game as it keeps on bringing challenges that are more difficult when you perform better. This is a fun way to a positive brain workout. You can get this game free on apple store and Google Play.

Cognifit Brain Fitness:

A wide variety of fun is there in this app as neuroscientists create this game. This app keeps a track on your progress in the games. You can keep a check on your performance with this cognitive assessment. You also have the option to challenge your friends.

LEGO Mindstorms:

This is not like the other games you can play on your computer or your mobile phones. A hardware-software platform let you a programmable robot. An intelligent brick computer includes modular sensors and motor. This brick computer controls the whole system. This is an amazing thing to get your mind engaged in.

You would come across the three generations of LEGO Mindstorms i.e. RCX, Mindstorms NXT and NXT 2.0, and EV3 Mindstorms. Each of them has different sensor capabilities. Once you have decided to buy one of them, you should know which one is going to be the best for you. After all, it is not a small investment.

Generation one has limited abilities as compared to the later platforms. You might also have a compatibility issue when connecting to latest computers. It is only good if you want the addition to your Mindstorms products collection. NXT is a good option if you do not have enough to invest in EV3. In addition, this is not too technical to understand. EV3 is the latest one that has several things that has not been offered in the previous generations. If you are still hanging in balance, visit for more details.