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Remaining fit will seem even less of a challenge when you have a little help. This is exactly why smart watches were invented. These smart gadgets give you both the functionality of a smart phone and the comfortable wear of a watch so that you can keep track of your health and fitness needs. Many of your favorite health and fitness related apps are supported by these watches. Therefore, besides telling the time, your watch will also keep track of your heart rate and calories burnt!

There are currently endless options to choose from when it comes to smart watches. However, not every smart watch was created equal. These are our top four picks from the smart watch market for the health conscious and the tech savvy. The best part is, all these great watches under 1000 are very stylish and luxurious as well.

Smart Watches for Fitness

  • Samsung Gear S: At present, Samsung has released, by far the smartest watch models in the market. Samsung Gear S is easily the most fitness and health friendly watch models of them all. Vastly different from the Android Wear operating system, Gear S is powered by Samsung’s own Tizen operating system. This includes both GPS and 3G connectivity. Hence, this handy gadget can easily track your location without the help of a smart phone. This is great for the sports enthusiasts such as cyclists, runners, and more. Other features worth mentioning are compass, heart rate monitor, accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope and not to mention Nike’s + Running app.
  • Basis Peak: The Basis Peak is both a fitness tracker and a smart watch, offering data on calorie burn, steps taken, distance traversed and heart rate without a strap. It also offers insight into your sleeping routine and exercise, as well as other health problems. The Gorilla Glass 3 display is water resistant enough for a swimming session. Although being a bit old as a smart watch, the Basis Peak is still a classic best. Paired through Bluetooth, this smart watch supports almost all basic features and gives you notifications accordingly.
  • Sony SmartWatch 3: Powered by Android Wear- the most widely used OS for smart watches, Sony SmartWatch 3 is very user friendly and supports all your favorite fitness apps. It has 4GB internal storage and Bluetooth wireless headphone support. It is water resistant for up to thirty minutes in water as deep as a meter.
  • Motorola Moto 360 2: This beautiful darling born of the Motorola family undoubtedly boasts the most sleek, inconspicuous design. The design does not scream “I am a smart watch look at me!” which leaves room for a surprise element, seeing all the apps and features it can house.A unique feature to this smart watch is the Live Dial feature for Android Wear, which allows users to individually set the dials on their home screen. Moto 360 comes with pre installed Moto Body software which measures and records various activity metrics. These include calories burnt, number of steps taken, and more. It also comes with an optical heart rate monitor, allowing users to track their bpm.

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