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We don’t usually associate survival with healthy living.  Surviving involves staying alive and afloat in challenging circumstances and being healthy is all about making the right decisions and life choices.  But the right survival gear can actually make it a lot easier for you to stay healthy, fit and injury free.  This is because you need the right tools at your side when you are traveling, busy at home or whenever you go on holiday.  With the right tools you can prepare healthy meals a lot quicker, stay hydrated a lot easier and get out of tough and dangerous situations without a scratch.  Here are a few good examples of survival gear that will make it easier for you to stay healthy in general.

Survival Gear That Can Actually Boost Your Health
Survival Gear That Can Actually Boost Your Health

Survival knife

Survival knives are mostly considered as scary and only in need if you are in security, have a dangerous job or when your job mostly involves a lot of tough odd jobs.  But a survival knife is the ultimate tool that can help you out in so many different situations and that can improve your health in so many different ways. With a good survival knife you can get out of any tough situation, like those times when your safety buckle simply won’t open, when you are breaking your nails to get into a box, when you cannot get a door open or more.  A survival knife can also be used for self-defense if the need arises. These knives are also great for keeping you healthy because you can enjoy healthy foods like jerky without a hassle, open all of those health food packages easily and much more.   Here is a quick guide for the best survival knives that you can choose from to make your life easier and healthier.

Water bottles

A sturdy water bottle is also a good survival item in which you should definitely invest.  Staying hydrated is very important for your health and drinking plenty of water can do wonders for your skin and your digestion.  Survival water bottles are easy to tag along. They are incredibly durable and very functional.


This survival item keeps you from getting injured at night because you can spot dangerous creditors, keep from stumbling over items and you can see what you are doing when you get a vehicle breakdown at night.


Most people use a lighter for smoking – which is unhealthy.  But you can also get a lighter to stay healthy.  With a lighter you have a way to see at night, to signal someone when you are in danger and you can light your gas stove even when the power is out.  This is also a very handy item for lighting your essential oil candles so you can get rid of some tension and stress.

Multi-tool knife

A multi-tool knife is also one of those handy items that make life in general a lot easier.  These knives have over a hundred uses and many of these uses are bound to be good for keeping you healthy or even alive.