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Keeping your heart healthy is essential to a long life. It doesn’t take a heart surgeon to know that. But, we often wonder, “What are the best tips for cardiovascular health?” And, that is a legitimate question especially when we are truly concerned about living in a way conducive to good health.  Lucky you, we have compiled a list of those tips for you right here. Just keep reading.

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But, that’s not all we have for you.

Cardiovascular Health
Cardiovascular Health

Some No-Brainer Heart Health Tips

When you think about your long term health goals, keeping your blood vessels and overall organ function optimal is probably at the top of the list. But, nothing is more important than these no-brainer heart health tips. They can keep your well-being at its best. We call them no-brainers because you really should already know some of these. But, if you don’t, here’s our list:

  • Don’t smoke. You probably can’t count how many times you have heard people say this. But, the fact remains, one in five (or so) people still smoke. So, if you are in that number, reconsider that choice. Smoking is actually the most readily controlled heart disease risk factor. It’s a choice and you can choose to stop. Here is a great resource for smoking cessation.
  • Eliminate belly fat. If you focus on the middle, your middle, you can see some serious health improvements. Belly fat has been linked to bad blood lipid levels and higher blood pressure. Just start exercising and controlling your calorie intake to make a difference in the middle.
  • Eat some beans and salsa. Of course, we suggest you eat it with vegetables or low-fat chips. But, black beans can give you a great source of fiber, which is excellent for your heart. And, salsa offers you an anti-oxidant rich snack. Plus, it’s just yummy.
  • Dance the night away. We suggested that you limit your caloric intake and exercise. Well, dancing can actually burn as many as 200 calories an hour. Plus, it will increase your heart rate and get those lungs pumping.
  • Laugh ‘til you can’t breathe. Well, maybe not that much. But, laughter raises your levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). They call that good cholesterol, in case you were wondering. And, you will see a decrease in your stress hormones as well as a lowering in artery inflammation. That’s great for your heart! Learn more about the health benefits of laughter.
  • Have a drink. Bet you didn’t expect that one to be on the list. But, moderate alcohol consumption can also increase your good cholesterol. And, it can prevent artery damage and blood clot formation. Red wine is probably the best option for your heart. Just don’t drink too much; moderation is the key.
  • Step away from the salt. The development of coronary heart disease would be significantly cut if people would limit their salt consumption to a half teaspoon a day. Eating out exposes you to higher levels of salt. So, try and cut out all the fast foods and see if you don’t just feel better!

We are sure you have appreciated our list, but if you feel like you need more information, read this.