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The Do’s and Don’ts of Bulking

Putting extra muscle on your body or, in simpler words, bulking up is becoming more common nowadays. It means to eat at/above maintenance while working out properly.

Celebrities like The Rock, Jason Mamoa, Chris Hemsworth and Arnold Schwarzenegger have set the trend of hunky bodies among males. More people are heading towards it because they may want to add muscle mass, make use of their unused muscle fiber, attain a healthier lifestyle, build strength, heighten their metabolism or just to enhance their looks.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bulking

No matter what your reason is, you should be aware of the right way to bulk and what may lead you towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Read some of the things that you should adopt if you would like to bulk healthily:

  1. Hit the gym:

If your goal is to bulk up, then the gym is going to become your second home. There has always been an age-long argument about whether to use free weights or machines for bulking up. Some people prefer machines, while others favor free weights. Not only because they are more efficient in increasing muscle strength and mass, but because they involve more muscle fibers and contractions too. In our opinion, you should not focus on just one or the other thing.

Integrate the use of free weights as well as machines in your workout routine. Power lifts and supersets are beneficial too. Moreover, your workout each day should be slightly different from the previous day. Every muscle in your body responds differently to different exercises. In addition to that, you do not want your muscles getting used to the routines because if that happens than bulking up would be a real hurdle for you. Start with small weights and gradually work your way towards rigorous powerlifting.

  1. Watch what you eat:

Many of you must have seen videos of bodybuilders eating gazillions of burgers, fries and chicken wings on their cheat day. That is called dirty bulking, which is simply to eat as much as possible without the discrimination between junk food and healthy food. The opposite of it is clean bulking in which you eat up to 500 calories above your average calorie intake.

Dirty bulking might be quick in yielding desired results, but it is certainly not the healthiest. If you want to build muscle healthily and gain less fat, then clean bulking is the way to go.

For clean bulking, you should lower your daily fat intake and make protein an essential part of your diet. Fish, meat, eggs, protein shakes, nuts, leafy greens, oats, and white pasta are the best sources of protein. Since protein is essential for muscle gain, therefore you need to consume 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of your bodyweight daily. An adequate amount of carbs and fat intake is also essential to build muscle mass. What you should do is divide your meals into portions and eat those portions throughout the whole day, even after your workout.

  1. Say no to steroids:

Bodybuilders and athletes use Anabolic steroids massively to improve their physical appearance. They are chemical variations of the male hormone testosterone. Steroid abuse is one of the leading causes of liver cancer and heart diseases. The top three steroids used by bodybuilders are Dianabol, Anavar, and Trenbolone.

Among these three, Trenbolone is the only agent with muscle cutting and bulking properties. Not only has it not been approved by the FDA, but the Trenbolone side effects also exceed its benefits which include male pattern baldness, insomnia, gynecomastia, diminished pulmonary and cardiovascular capacity, increased liver and kidney stress. In a nutshell, steroids are just not worth it.

You should maintain your diet, take supplements, workout rigorously and keep your sight on the goal.