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The Steps for Overcoming the Biggest Mistake of Your Life

Making a huge mistake can be quite terrible and not just for your personal relationship or popularity.  A huge mistake can have terrible emotional and even negative health effects on you.  After a huge mistake your stress levels will spike which could trigger numerous conditions such as cardiovascular disease, skin rashes, hair loss and more, especially if you cannot seem to let go of what happened or fix the problem.  Pile on a bit of depression and you can soon be faced with an unimaginable situation from which there is nowhere to run because you cannot run from your own thoughts and self-hatred.  Overcoming a huge mistake isn’t always as simple as saying I am sorry and waiting for time to heal things. Some mistakes have such a huge effect on your body and on your emotional balance that you might need to seek professional help.

biggest mistake

Research why you made the huge mistake

Sometimes it helps to find out what exactly lead to your huge mistake.  Considering all of your circumstances might help you realize that many other people could have easily made the same mistake if they were in your shoes.

Accept and admit

Accepting that you were wrong and admitting to those that were negatively affected by your mistake that you were wrong is already a huge step towards healing.  You will be surprised at how forgiving other people can be when they are presented with an apology instead of stubbornness.

Do everything you can to fix the problem

Is there something you can physically do to fix the problem or repair the damage?  Can you talk with those that have suffered as a result of your mistake?  Can you make a public apology?  If there is any way for you to reduce the impact your mistake had then do it.

Remember that everyone makes mistakes

You are certainly not the only person in the world to do something stupid or to make a huge error.  Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.  Stephen Collins for example was once one of the most popular TV series actors and quickly fell from the spotlight after his scandal where he molested an underage girl.  He publicly admitted his mistake suffered through scales of fan hate and owned his errors and after all the tedious things that happened, it seems like the world is ready to forgive his terrible mistake and realize that he is only human.

Forgive yourself

Haters are going to hate but the most important thing for your personal health is to forgive yourself.  Regret and depression puts tremendous pressure and stress on your body and results in poor health, poor concentration, low energy level, a low self-esteem and withdrawal from social interaction. Forgive yourself for your mistake even if others won’t and move on.

Seek professional help

Getting help from a psychologist can be tremendously beneficial because they can advise you on the right steps to take and they can prescribe medications like anti-depressants to help you overcome your emotional instability so you can once again feel happy.