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Three Space-Saving Basic Home Gym Equipment Everyone Should Own

How many times have you thought about joining the gym but didn’t, because your schedule doesn’t allow you to have additional activities? If you are a person with a busy work routine which involves going back and forth from your office and home, then this is the article you need to read. People often say that if you want to lose weight or get fit, it is better to go to a gym rather than exercising at home. We would like to contradict that statement by saying that if a person is truly motivated to lose weight and get fit, then it doesn’t matter if they are working out in their home or a gym.

Three Space-Saving Basic Home Gym Equipment Everyone Should Own

Nowadays, with sports gear readily available in stores you can get fit without splurging money on gym membership fees. The majority of people are making gyms inside their houses. To make a home gym, you don’t need that much space; you can just turn a corner of your room or basement into a home gym. Here are the three basic and compact exercise equipment that will help you begin your journey towards a healthy life:

  • Jump Rope:

Often, people underestimate the power of a jump rope and discard it aside because of its small and simple design. What they don’t know is jump rope is incredibly efficient and often referred to as an all-around piece of exercise equipment. Jump rope is cheap and won’t cost you more than $10.

There are hundreds of fitness trainers who have made hours long rigorous and calorie burning work out just by amalgamating jump rope and power walking. This gear has cardio benefits too: three rounds of 10-minutes of jumping with 5-minutes of power walking in-between the intervals burns 480-500 calories. Moreover, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Justin Bieber, and Ludacris, all love to jump rope. A YouTube channel named Zen Dude Fitness is one of the best internet guide available for jump rope workout beginners.

  • A Pull Up Bar:

As a child, was jungle gym/monkey bars your favourite equipment in playgrounds? If yes, then pull up bar is a necessary addition to your home gym. It is just a grown-up version of monkey bars, with a few variations. The best thing about pull up bars is they are space efficient, and you can install it anywhere. You can easily find a doorway pull bar on Amazon. Once fitted in your doorway, for quicker improvements, you can use the pull bar whenever you are walking through the door.

What most people don’t know is along with building torso strength, pull up bars melt the excess fat in your upper body as well. However, one must be careful while using a pull bar as it can strain your arm and back muscles if you lift yourself the wrong way.

  • Balance Boards:

Following the same workout routine daily, gets monotonous after a while. Therefore, you need some fun exercise equipment to make work out sessions enjoyable. A balance board is an exercise equipment which serves several purposes. It is helpful in athletic training, balance training, personal development and, of course, for entertainment purpose. There are different types of balance boards available such as Wobble board, Spring board, Rocker board, Sphere and ring board, etc. The underwater balance board is also a kind of balance board used for physical therapy.

Balance board has hundreds of benefits. It helps you in developing proprioception and makes you a better athlete by correcting your body position. It also strengthens your core and improves your posture. Moreover, unlike pull up bars, the balance board is a less injury prone equipment. Learn about balance boards because they are a fun and beneficial addition to any gym.