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Tips for Great Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is an interesting phase for a woman. It comes with a lot of emotional and physical change and most of the time one will look totally different.  The memories of having another being in you should be cherished and one of the sure ways to do that is through photography. Maternity photography Perth is very common with many people doing the shoots, but it is normally the small details that make the whole difference. Some of the things to keep in mind include:

Tips for Great Maternity Photography


Proper lighting is a very important component of maternity photography. As much as there is photo editing, Photoshop and the others, using good natural lighting makes a big difference.  If you are planning to do maternity photography, make sure that there is sufficient lighting. If you are planning to do it indoors make sure the room has enough lighting, if there is no enough natural lighting you can add artificial lighting. If you are doing it from outdoors also make sure that the lighting is enough. If pictures are taken in low light it means the ISO has to be big and that will make the photo to be grainy.


A good photo has the right composition. The photographer should make sure that the rule of thirds is observed. It may not look like it matters when taking the picture but has a big impact on the picture itself. There should be a good balance between the ISO, aperture and the speed for a great photo.


In most cases, neutral outfits are easier to work around with especially when it comes to editing as it will make sure there is a good blend of colors.  It is good to choose the right outfits depending on the theme of the shoot. In some cases people carry several outfits for the photo shoot to have different pictures of the same shoot.


A pose plays a big influence on making a photo look flattering or not. Come up with the poses beforehand and play around with them to get the best results. It is good to always make an angle preferably triangles. The father of the baby can be incorporated in the poses as well it depends with ones needs and preferences.


The location of a shoot will determine how the pictures will come up. Choose a good location though again this will depend on the theme of the photo-shoot. Make sure you have a theme to work with as this will help you come up with an appropriate location for the shoot.


Maternity photography is all about creativity. That is what separates extra ordinary photographers from ordinary photographers. By following blogs of great photographers and a lot of practice you can get a lot of inspiration which can help you be a great photographer. You should practice more to sharpen your skills. Post photo processing can also not be ignored; you should work on editing and make sure you are a good one.