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Tips for Staying Healthy During Winter Camping Trips

Most people will use winter as an excuse to stop working out, stop having fun and to stop going on adventures and that is where they make the biggest mistake possible.  Winter is already glum with the chilly, pail landscapes and the shorter days and skipping out on adventures only contributes to a more depressive winter.  Camping is one of the trickiest adventures during winter time, especially when you are camping solo but there are plenty of tricks you can try to stay warm and cold free during and after a mid-winter camping trip.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Winter Camping Trips

Get a good waterproof tent

One of the first things you will need is a waterproof tent to keep the chill and dampness away. All Camping Stuff is one of the best places to shop all of your camping gear.  They have reviews on all of the best camping gear and you can shop tents to your heart’s content.  With the advice on this website you are bound to get great tents for the solo camper or thru-hiker that will keep you nice and snug during chilly evenings and safe from creditors and insects.

Stock up on warm winter wear and sleep sacks

A good sleep sack and warm clothes should obviously be part of your camping gear but you should never neglect your hands and feet.  Fingers and toes catch frostbite easily.  Wear thick socks and gloves and take care to ensure that your feet and hands stay dry.

Don’t strip for bed time

Stripping down to pajamas before you crawl into your sleeping bag is a huge mistake because if you have to get up during the night for a bathroom break or to check something about your tent then you will be exposing your body to sudden chilly air which can easily lead to colds.

Don’t sit by the fire

While a campfire is a must for your campsite because you can heat up your heat packs and hot water bags and for cooking you should never sit next to the fire too long.  Sitting by an open fire constantly exposes your body to warmth and chilly intervals which are guaranteed to make you sick.  Try to sit far from the fire and rather dress up than heat up next to a fire.

Don’t skip on the vitamins

Take your vitamins along on your camping trip.  It takes about five days for minerals and vitamins to wash from your system.  While you are on your camping trip you may stay healthy but once you get back home your immune system will be weakened leaving your body vulnerable.

Stay hydrated

Everyone has a hard time drinking water when it is cold but staying hydrated is a must.  Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy, to boost energy levels and to boost your metabolism so your body will stay nice and strong.  Plenty of water also keeps your kidneys and bladder from getting infections while you are out in the wild.