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Tricks and Tips to Healthier Looking Hair

Feeling like your hair is looking a bit lackluster these days? Maybe you’ve done a little too much damage with all the various accoutrements available for hair styling purposes? If so, there’s really no surprise that it’s seen better days. But, rest assured, with these tips and tricks you’ll be well on your way to healthier looking hair.

Tricks and Tips to Healthier Looking Hair
Tricks and Tips to Healthier Looking Hair

But before we delve right in, it’s important to assess whether or not you are using the best flat iron for your straightening needs. We know that taming the frizz can be another nightmare in itself. But, when you happen to have frizzy hair, it’s essential that you have the best products to care of your mane. The wrong ones will leave you fried and broken, in so many ways! Be sure to take care of your hair even when you’re not treating it to its natural beauty.

As much as we’d all probably like to forego the flat irons, curling irons, blow driers, and various other straighteners, the truth is, we’re probably never going to give them up. So, we’ve got to discover other tips and techniques for ensuring we keep our hair as healthy as possible amidst the torture.

Hair’s Under Repair?

After the holidays many of us realize that our locks are in desperate need of love. We’ve frazzled them to no end (or dead ends). So, it’s a great time for us to get our manes back in tip top shape before Valentines Day! Here are our tips for working some magic on those tormented tresses:

  1. Deep condition like it’s a new habit. Winter can seriously dry out our hair. So, take the once a week deep conditioning challenge. If you really need to understand the value of this procedure, click this.
  2. Switch up your shampoo. Take a break from the ordinary go to and add a shampoo designed for reparative care. Don’t forget that the scalp should be your ultimate focus because your strongest hair comes from there. Every two weeks, or thereabouts, make sure to utilize a clarifying shampoo to relieve the buildup. Keep an eye on your product usage and levels of oiliness to ascertain when to employ the clarifying shampoo.
  3. Find a gloss treatment that you can use at home. Tinted hair gloss is an exceptional choice for those of us that don’t want to shell out the serious money it costs to get our highlights touched up. You won’t have to stress out so much about making a mistake in the dying process either. Besides, it’s cheaper and way better for your hair than those other beauty products. They say dye causes damage while glossing heals.
  4. Get a dose of cold water. Ok, we know this isn’t a very popular idea. And, yes, we understand how unpleasant cold water in the winter (especially) can be. However, if you really want that extra shine boost, this is the way to go. Consider rinsing your hair with super cold water right before you step out of the shower. Cuticles will be sealed, luster will be added, and frizz tamed.
  5. Comb with a wide toothed version. Regular brushes, on wet hair, are breakage central. Consider the fact that wet hair is more flexible than it is when it’s dry. That means it’s more likely to sustain damage in the brushing/combing process. Use a wide-tooth comb when getting your wet hair under control.
  6. Invest in a microfiber towel. Terry cloth is actually quite damaging to your hair. Microfiber towels are extraordinarily absorbent and don’t create the kind of friction caused by ordinary towels. Learn more about that. Consider applying the previously mentioned tips the next time you wash your hair. More information about hair care can be found here.