Try Lapsang Soushong Tea for Better Health and Balance

Little things in life can have a huge impact on you as a person.   Small things people say and do can either make or break your day.  Small changes in your diet can make a big difference in your health and small bad habits can harm you a lot.  A small thing like drinking Lapsang Soushong tea can also make a huge difference in your life because this wonderful tea will restore balance and health to your life and will keep you full and refreshed.

Try Lapsang Soushong Tea for Better Health and Balance

What exactly is Lapsang Soushong Tea?

Lapsang Soushong loose tea is a black tea that originates from China.  In fact, this was the first ever black tea in history. The tea was developed during the Quing era when the producers tried to speed up the drying process by drying the leaves over fires.  The drying of the leaves over fires creates the unique smoky and dark aroma that this and all black teas are known for.

What Lapsang Soushong Tea can do for your health?

When you drink this tea you can naturally improve your personal health without loading your body with any toxins and chemicals that so many medications contain.  The top benefits of Lapsang Soushong tea includes;

  • The tea helps your heart by increasing blood flow and reducing your cholesterol Theanine and amino acids in the tea also calms you down and reduces stress.
  • The tea fights infections and boosts your immune system so you will be less vulnerable to diseases.
  • Lapsang Soushong tea reduces your chances of getting cancer due to the catechins and polyphenol vitamins found in the tea. These vitamins keep cancer cells from dividing and spreading.
  • The tea is much healthier than coffee because it contains far less caffeine.
  • Lapsang Soushong will help you regulate and control your weight much better since this tea boosts your metabolism and refreshes you without as much sugar as normal cool drinks.

Lapsang Soushong Tea is good for balance

It is much easier to balance a demanding work and family life when you drink Lapsang Soushong tea because the tea is low in toxins which boost your health and the tea relaxes you so you can focus better and feel relieved from stress.

Why you should substitute tea for coffee

Coffee is terrific for spiking energy levels and even has some health benefits such as the prevention of dementia.  Coffee is only beneficial when taken in limited quantities.  When you drink too much coffee you take in too much caffeine which can spike your stress levels, affect your metabolism negatively and cause damage to some of your body’s organs like you liver.  Lapsang Soushong tea is a terrific substitute to normal coffee because you still get to enjoy a nice and warm cup of beverage that will soothe and refresh you so you can focus once again when you get back to work.

Why tea instead of other drinks

Sugary or cold drinks contain a lot of sugar which affects your teeth and your body weight.  When you drink tea you can control how much sugar you add to your diet and you get all of the health and mental benefits that the tea has in store for you.