Why Compression Clothing Is Great For More than Just Working Out

Everywhere you look and on each sports channel you watch you will see an abundance of men and women in tight fitting sportswear. If you think that sports men and women are wearing these super tight fitting outfits just for flexibility and comfort then you couldn’t be more wrong.  These clothes are more than just tights.  They are compression garments that have been specially developed to boost your performance while you are being active.  And if you think that the benefits of compression clothing end on the sports ground then you couldn’t be more wrong.


What is compression clothing?

Compression clothing is available in just about any clothing type.  You can find tights, socks, shirts, sleeves and much more in just about any shape, size, design and color.  What makes compression clothing so unique is that these garments have been specially developed with a different type of elasticity that provides different levels of compression to different parts of the body.  Compression clothing has a lot of health benefits to those who wear them such as;

  • Improved blood circulation which helps alleviate pain, prevents blood clotting and prevents spider veins.
  • Added protection for muscles during workouts and stretches.
  • They are great for temperature regulation because they are quick drying, lightweight and breathable.
  • The garments prevent swelling on hot days or during long periods of sitting or standing.
  • To top it off, these garments helps speed up recovery after surgeries or sprains.


How wearing compression clothing every day can improve your life

Compression garments are specially developed for sports but can also improve your daily life.  When your blood circulation is improved you can focus better and concentrate for longer. By adding compression to your legs you can endure lots of hours of standing, sitting, running or working [read this useful article: http://lifehacker.com/is-there-really-a-benefit-to-special-exercise-clothing-1607198642] out with less pain and reduced swelling.


Different type of compression garments

No one wants to look like they are wearing a gym outfit to an office and thank to all of the different designs out there you can still look as elegant and professional as possible because you can simply invest in discreet compression garments that fits underneath a suit such as;

Compression shirts – The shirts can double as a vest and promote blood flow throughout your upper body and keep your back and shoulders from aching when you are spending a lot of hours in front of a desk or when you are doing a lot of heavy lifting at home or at a construction site.  Visit http://www.primecompression.com  to have a look at some of the best looking compression shirts currently on the market and their great benefits.

Compression pants – Women can get thick compression pants and wear them as great looking tights with corporate shirts or women and men can get a thinner type of compression pants that will fit comfortably underneath a set of pants and enjoy great relief all day.

Compression socks – You probably wear socks anyhow so simply swipe your normal socks for a set of health socks and promote blood circulation from your knees to your tippy toes so you can get relieve of ankle and foot pain throughout the day.